In the Russian defense Ministry said that the command of the U.S. air force apologized for the dangerous proximity of military aircraft in the skies of Syria on 17 October. There also told some details of the incident and recommended that the American pilots hold fast to the helm.

On Saturday, the defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that in Syria, near the city of Deir ez-Zor dangerously close aircraft, E-3 and Avacs Russian fighter su-35.

Konashenkov sure that the responsibility for what happened lies with the Americans, and was surprised at the attempts to shift the responsibility for videoconferencing. According to the defense Ministry, October 17, while in the airspace
East of the city of Deir ez-Zor, the crew of the American plane “in violation of the rules of safety of the flight fell by nearly 1 km from his height and dangerously close to a distance less than 500 meters to Russian
the fighter”.

“I want to emphasize that, in accordance with the Russian-American
arrangements the command of Russian air force on the base Hamim in advance
informed American colleagues about the upcoming flight of the su-35 in this
the district with the exact height occupied by the flight” – quotes the General “Interfax”.

After convergence, E-3 Russian fighter command HQs
Russia on the base Hamim promptly contacted us
colleagues and asked for clarification on the incident. “Representatives
command of the U.S. air force apologized for the incident and promised to conduct
relevant work with pilots to avoid similar situations in the
further,” – says Konashenkov.

Also the representative of the Ministry of defense allowed himself to give a PEP talk to American pilots: “the Susceptibility to stupor American pilots from
view nearby Russian fighter is basically clear.
However would recommend them in the future not to try out of habit to blame
everything on Russia, and to control myself. And the steering wheels of their aircraft

At the same time, defense Ministry spokesman stressed that “as a whole
this fact showed that between Russian and American pilots in
Syria established a sufficiently effective interaction that allows
to avoid such incidents in the future.”

The day before Lieutenant General, USA Jeff Harrigan in an interview
CNN said about dangerous rapprochement of the Russian and American planes in
the skies of Syria, which threatened a collision. He pointed out that both aircraft carried out
the flight turned off the lights.

USA apologized for the dangerous proximity of aircraft in the skies of Syria, said the Ministry of defence 29.10.2016

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