The White house did not rule out the introduction of the U.S. economic sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria. Possible restrictive measures Washington intends to take with partners. Against this background, the Pentagon accused Russia of fomenting civil war in Syria.

A spokesman for the White house Josh Ernest said on the possible introduction of sanctions against Russia, asked during a briefing to a journalist’s question about the situation in Aleppo and the Russian support to the Syrian government forces, according to RBC. “We do not exclude the possibility of introducing additional financial penalties. Financial sanctions proved that it is a useful tool for advancing our interests in the world. Therefore, we do not exclude the possibility of such sanctions”, – said the representative of presidential administration of the USA (quoted by “Interfax”).

When Ernest said that Washington does not consider unilateral sanctions, and plans to impose restrictions together with the allies. “We came to the conclusion that the strategy for the implementation of sanctions, in close coordination with our partners is a more effective way to enhance the impact of financial sanctions. I would not preclude this action in this case,” added the spokesman.

Also during the press conference, earnest said that the White house holds Russia responsible for the situation with the humanitarian convoy of the UN, which fired a few days after the introduction in Syria of the cease-fire. According to a spokesperson, no matter, attacked a column of Syrian government forces or videoconferencing Russia, Russia bears responsibility because she has to hold back the forces of Syria. A video briefing of 27 September is available on the official website of the White house.

Meanwhile, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter during a meeting with the us military harshly criticized Russia’s actions in Syria, reports RIA “Novosti”. “The Russians said that they come to Syria, to fight terrorism and to help with their historical influences to achieve a political end of a civil war… But what they said and what they did are completely different things”, – said the head of the U.S. defense Department.

Carter has accused Russia of fomenting the Syrian civil war. “Instead, they incite civil war, including the violence that you see in the last days. And it also fuels extremism,” – said the Minister. According to Carter, Russia’s actions do not affect the U.S. campaign against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL or DAISH, is prohibited in Russia), but the “extended civil war” in this country.

After the introduction in Syria of the cease-fire began receiving reports of renewed fighting in Aleppo. The situation in the city was devoted to an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on September 25. The US and the UK laid on Russia the responsibility for the failure of the ceasefire agreement based on the Russian-American agreements. In the Kremlin, the rhetoric of the United States and Britain to the Russian Federation on Syria called unacceptable.

USA can impose economic sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria 28.09.2016

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