US in the night on Friday launched a missile attack on Syria: nearly 50 rockets struck the base of the government’s air force in HOMS province. The first attack reported channel NBCNewslater, a representative confirmed this information to Reuters.

According to media reports, the U.S. destroyers were fired more than 50 rockets Tomahawk. They struck at the airfield in HOMS province. Initially it was assumed that we are talking about a massive strike on a single target. However, later sources said that the missiles were fired on a number of military facilities. Chronicles the outbreak of a military operation.

News: US against Assad

04:30 CNN reports that missiles were fired from two US ships located in the Mediterranean sea.

The TV channel said that the coalition led by the US bombed only targets associated with terrorists “Islamic state”*. The current attack can be interpreted by Assad as the beginning of the war, says CNN.

Missile strike is a response to the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib.

According to Wiki, in the province of HOMS there are three military airfields: Ties, Sirat al-Qusayr.

04:35 Reuters reported a sharp drop in the dollar against the Japanese yen in Asian trading on Friday. The American currency in the first minutes has lost half a yen.

04:40: Statement Trump

President Donald trump in a moment of shock is in the estate of Mar-a-Lago, where taking China’s President XI Jinping.

Within minutes after the announcement of the missile strikes he made a brief statement.

As reports Reuters, the US President said that Assad has used the deadly nerve gas “to kill many people”. Missiles struck the airfield from which the Syrian air force planes flew in Idlib province to strike using chemical weapons.

04:46 West with the trump Mar-a-Lago are the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, Secretary Rex Tillerson and the national security Advisor, General McMaster. Vice-President Mike Pence in Washington, he took the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

04:50 Source Reuters reports that the blow was inflicted on the airfield, the aircraft and the refueling complex at the Syrian military base. What is still not specified.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization

USA launched a missile attack on a military airport in Syria 07.04.2017

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