The only national US newspaper USA Today for the first time in its history opposed a particular party, presidential campaign – nominated by the Republican party of billionaire Donald trump.

The position of the publication identified in an editorial posted Thursday night in its electronic version. “This year one of the candidates, Republican Donald trump is the General opinion of the editorial Board, not fit for the job as President. Since the day when he announced his intention to run 15 months ago and have passed this week’s presidential debate, trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, balance and integrity that America expects from its President,” – says the article. According to the paper, trump betrayed the foundations laid down by past leaders of the country, which, in particular, are to support the countries of NATO and the confrontation of Russian aggression.” (Quoted by TASS.)

USA Today indicates that a billionaire is building his campaign on intolerance and xenophobia.” “His suggestions about mass deportation and the conduct of religious tests is untenable and contrary to the ideals of America,” – says edition. Trump also recall an offer of “Russian hackers” to publish letters of his rival Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, the newspaper expressed its support for Clinton, “which has its drawbacks, although is much less likely that they are a threat to national security and can lead to a constitutional crisis.” It is noted that the wording there is no consensus on this.

On the website of the newspaper next to the editorial column posted the article Governor of Indiana Michael Pence, which trump had earlier offered the post of Vice-President of the United States. He claims that “the choice is never simple,” and that trump is a “people business” and a “bold leader”. In its submission, it did focus on the economic program of the Republican, in particular, has indicated his intention to reduce taxes and give up the extra Federal regulation.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November.

USA Today first performed against a specific candidate – trump 30.09.2016

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