In Ukraine understand that will not fully close access to the Russian sites in accordance with the decree of the President of Petro Poroshenko, because users can bypass the restrictions using different ways of overcoming the blocking of sites on PCs and mobile devices, including built-in tools Opera browser and extensions for browsers such as Tunnelbear and Zenmate and using a replacement DNS servers and anonymous Tor network.

As stated by the head of the information security apparatus of the national security Council and defense (NSDC) of Ukraine Valentyn Petrov, to completely shut down access to social networks is impossible, but, “if we reduce by half the audience – is an achievement”. “Reducing this cycle, we reduce a threat to the Russian propaganda”, which is distributed through these social networks, he said.

Earlier the same was said Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, noting that the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” was used for the illicit collection of information and through them conducted “informational aggression against Ukraine.”

But, as noted by Petrov today, users and providers, which use the manual bypass is sanctioned Russian sites, will not be punished.

Administration “Vkontakte” has already sent in Ukraine “manual on how not to lose your contacts and important information.” Messages with recommendations for blocking users got “Classmates”. In Group said that the people of Ukraine will be able to continue to use the sanctioned social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, as well as search engine

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities themselves recognize the senselessness of some blocking Russian sites, the head of the service on the information security apparatus of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) has urged providers not to delay the implementation of the decision of the President. “The procedure for execution of sanctions is still in development, but we urge providers not to pull” – leads TASS words of Petrov.

And as transfers “Interfax”, mobile operators “Kyivstar”, lifecell and “Vodafone-Ukraine” has already begun to implement technical measures to block user access to sanctioned Russian sites. “Pursuant to the decree of the President of Ukraine Telecom operators now begin technical measures to restrict the provision of services to access specified web sites in accordance with technical capabilities”, – stated in the press release of the operator, “Vodafone-Ukraine”. The site “Vkontakte” it are already blocked. And for Wednesday, may 17, “it is planned to complete block all Russian sites included in the list of sanctions.”

The largest fixed-line operator “Ukrtelecom” even before started the implementation of the presidential decree on sanctions: “the Work will be carried out in stages and, according to preliminary estimates of experts, will last from several days to weeks.” The company explained the timing complexity of the process and the need to attract a significant amount of resources.

A provider of cable television and the Internet “Lanet” intends to complete the process of blocking user access to sanctioned Russian sites by the end of may.

Telecom operator Vega can block Russian services under sanctions a few days. “In terms of deadlines and limited resources, the best option is to lock the customer requests at the level of URL, IP, DNS, etc. According to preliminary estimates it may take several days,” said Vega.

A provider of cable television and Internet access, the company
“Will” said that to agree on further action to implement the decree of the President it will take time, as it is time-consuming and
resource-intensive process. “The sanctions decision has an impact on most business processes of the company, as well as on relations with the subscribers, that is, immediately affects the company’s relationships with natural and legal persons”, – have informed in the company. “The process of execution of the decree has been adopted in the work of the technical and legal departments of the company. We thoroughly appreciate risks and consequences, so it is too early to talk about a timeline for the implementation of the decree”, – stated in a press release.

Many Ukrainian providers agreed on the need to obtain clarification from the authorities, certain additional regulatory document.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Internet Association of Ukraine Alexander Pedenko reported that the blocking of these sites by all without exception, providers may need time and a lot of money on retrofitting equipment, and modifying the topology of the network – up to $ 1 billion.

Users banned in Ukraine the Russian social networks are not punished for bypass of locks 17.05.2017

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