Lublin court of Moscow on Thursday, may 18, had a preliminary conversation at the suit on protection of honor and dignity filed by the businessman Alisher Usmanov against the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. The reason for the trial, recall, was the film-the investigation FBK “you do not Dimon”, which involves a billionaire. The day before the hearing Usmanov has posted a video message to the Bulk with the prosecution of the opposition in the rascaldom.

In his video message posted on YouTube, Usmanov turns to Bulk. “Keeping in mind that our lawyer will now deal in court, and you, as always, I will make this false PR and continue to fool everybody’s head, I decided it necessary to make this video to those people who may still think that you’re telling the truth,” explained the author of the video.

Also, the businessman decided to prove its superiority before the Bulk in the Internet space. “To the Internet I have a much deeper relationship than you: I don’t use it, I develop it”, – said the billionaire.

Usmanov said that in his video wants to explain why Navalny considers a scoundrel. “The villain, in my opinion, is the man who, not knowing the other willing to lie about it. This skill you possess just great,” said the businessman.

Usmanov said that the Bulk of spreading false information about his prison past. “Are you lying that I am a criminal and trying to hide the fact that I was in prison. Let’s start with this. I have nothing to hide. For six years, I, unlike you, spent time in prison and being really fabricated case of theft of socialist property, which I did not steal, bribe, which I did not let anyone in again. You said I was convicted of rape. That is, this manipulation of articles and the words you wanted to blur the line between human and inhuman,” – said the businessman in the video.

Also the billionaire has compared his term of imprisonment over time of the conclusion of the opposition. “You in all corners shout that you were greatly persecuted, brutal power. Oh, how cruel? As much as a whole day spent in prison. One night, as I heard. That is, when such a fierce power you held in jail one night, and I when soft power or that six years spent in General on a non-existent thing,” said Usmanov.

Meanwhile, in the Lublin court of Moscow held a preliminary discussion on the case on protection of honor and dignity Usmanov. During trial preparation, the parties refused to sign
the settlement agreement, reports “Interfax”.

It also became known that in late may the court will hold preliminary hearings on the case of Usmanov to Navalny, reports TASS. At the forthcoming meeting the parties will present written objections and additional evidence. After that the court can proceed to consideration of the claim on the merits.

Also during today’s hearing, the court rejected a number of petitions of representatives and the Bulk of the Fund of struggle against corruption. The lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov asked to discontinue the proceedings, as, in the opinion of Respondent, such case should be considered arbitration court. In addition, the court rejected the claimant’s petition to
the recovery of the donation contract the sotsgosproyekt Foundation.

Usmanov in his statement of claim does not require the defendants for monetary damages, but asks only to refute the information, which he considers to be untrue and discrediting his honor, dignity and business reputation.

In turn, the lawyer of the businessman Henry Padva has declared unjustified harassment Usmanov from the Bulk, according to RNS. “[Usmanov has been] completely unjustified harassment on the part of Mr. Navalny and his Fund. It is these persons – legal and natural – disseminating false information, discrediting honor and dignity, business reputation of Alisher Usmanov. These actions have now resulted in a systematic information campaign directed personally against Usmanov,” – said the defender of the billionaire.

Usmanov before the court posted a video of the Bulk of the charges the opposition of lying 18.05.2017

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