Billionaire Alisher Usmanov in the lawsuit, which he filed in the Lublin court of Moscow to the founder FBK Alexei Navalny demanded from the opposition to refute his investigation from 2012, where he claimed that the businessman had paid a bribe to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov.

As it became known to TV channel “Rain”, Usmanov needs to refute the statements and to remove the investigation from the site the Bulk. In addition, the businessman also seeks to refute the fact that he had bribed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other officials and exercise censorship in “Kommersant”.

In addition, Usmanov wants a court to seek from the Bulk to the head of the FBC publicly refuted his earlier allegations that a billionaire is a criminal, underpaid taxes in Russia and participated in the illegal privatization. According to the TV station, no financial requirements, the businessman’s suit does not contain.

Usmanov before the court posted a video of the Bulk of the charges the opposition of lying

In its investigation in 2012, Navalny claimed that Usmanov returned under the guise of the wife of Shuvalov loan gave the Deputy Prime Minister a bribe of $ 118 million. According to the opposition leader, the company of the wife of Deputy Prime Minister in 2004, also received $ 50 million from the company of Roman Abramovich and Shvidler “Unicast technology”, and then transferred the money to company “Galagar”, which is the holding company of Usmanov.

Later, in 2007, this loan was returned in the amount of $ 118 million. According to Navalny, this scheme is a typical example of bribery. The opposition leader also claimed that “Usmanov with the business everything was quite good.”

Lublin court of Moscow on Thursday, may 18, had a preliminary conversation at the suit on protection of honor and dignity filed by Usmanov against Navalny. The reason for the trial, recall, was the film-the investigation FBK “you do not Dimon”, which involves a billionaire.

It also became known that in late may the court will hold preliminary hearings on the case for the Bulk of Usmanov. At the forthcoming meeting the parties will present written objections and additional evidence. After that the court can proceed to consideration of the claim on the merits.

During the meeting, the court rejected a number of petitions of representatives and the Bulk of the Fund of struggle against corruption. The lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov asked to discontinue the proceedings, as, in the opinion of Respondent, such case should be considered arbitration court. In addition, the court denied the defendant’s petition for recovery of the donation contract the sotsgosproyekt Foundation.

Usmanov in his statement of claim does not require the defendants for monetary damages, but asks only to refute the information, which he considers to be untrue and discrediting his honor, dignity and business reputation.

The day before the hearing Usmanov has posted a video message to the Bulk with the prosecution of the opposition in the rascaldom. In his video message Usmanov turns to Bulk. “Keeping in mind that our lawyer will now deal in court, and you, as always, I will make this false PR and continue to fool everybody’s head, I decided it necessary to make this video to those people who may still think that you’re telling the truth,” explained the author of the video.

The businessman also refuted statements made in the investigation of the FBC’s assertion that a gift to them associated with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the sotsgosproyekt Foundation residence on 4 hectares of land worth about five billion rubles in the suburban village of Znamenskoye was a bribe. “You still need to read books on real estate, land ownership and so on. Because sometimes, people are paid not only for the fact that they are doing a deal, but for the fact that they do not,” – said the billionaire.

According to him, in the history of the manor house were three interested parties and he had to pay everyone “not for what the deal was, but for the fact that she was not among them.” “One of the assets that he refused to profit what he wanted to do on their land, the other loans and the money for the land he lost. And in the end each got what he wanted”, – said Usmanov.

Earlier Usmanov tried to refute the information contained in the investigation. The businessman said in an interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti” that the mansion in Znamenskoe was not a gift “Cargospace” and allegedly figured in the transaction for the exchange of real estate. Version Usmanov, he swapped to his mansion on the ruble on 12 hectares of land near his home in the suburban village of Uspenskoe, possessed of sotsgosproyekt, to expand their holdings.

In mid-April, the press service of the Usmanov has accused Navalny of lying and manipulation, refuting the information that the billionaire pays taxes outside of Russia. Then the opposition have published a video with a detailed explanation of why the statements about Usmanov involved in the investigation of the FBC of the estate on the ruble is not worth believing. In particular, the founder of FBC said that Usmanov pays taxes outside of Russia and is “whether a resident of the UK, or Switzerland.”

Usmanov demanded in the lawsuit against Navalny to refute the information about the bribes Shuvalov and Medvedev 19.05.2017

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