Billionaire Alisher Usmanov did not coordinate the recording with reference to Alexei Navalny the Kremlin, the source said RBC. The Agency on Friday told about the details of the video recording on the yacht Dilbar. Previously Navalny in his video response invited Usmanov to the debate on the air of RBC-TV or “Rain” – the oppositionist has noted that appeals to the billionaire.

The interlocutor of RBC in an environment of the billionaire said that the hearing on the claim against Navalny was chosen as an information occasion is available for the release of the video.

The representative of the businessman said: “Usmanov – one of the few people who is willing, in fact, to answer the questions posed to the Bulk, and show the public that the Bulk of the lot lying or cringe”.

Earlier, the head of a staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov in his Facebook suggested that Usmanov has recorded a video in an unusual format of billionaires because “it was asked”: “what can not, of course, smart and experienced people do not understand how it will be perceived, what will cause a reaction. And yet his records.”

RBC also reported that representatives of the billionaire gave the Agency some documents, which should confirm the groundlessness of the accusations to Navalny. This, in particular, the verdict of the military Tribunal of Uzbekistan, which in 1980, Usmanov was sentenced to eight years imprisonment (of which he served six) for economic crimes – fraud and complicity in receiving a bribe. In 2000, Usmanov was rehabilitated, and therefore has a criminal record. In addition, according to the inquiry from FNS for 2016, which refers to the absence of claims to Usmanov.

In his video Usmanov responded to the accusations that were voiced in the movie “you do not Dimon” of the Fund of struggle against corruption. In the investigation it was reported that Usmanov has a criminal record in Uzbekistan for rape and extortion. Also he was accused of tax evasion and that he is free – “as a bribe” – gave the land and house Fund for the support of socially important state projects, which, according to FBK, associated with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The billionaire has denied the charges and, turning on “you”, demanded an apology from the Bulk. The politician in his video blog refused to do so and again called Usmanov a “crook” and challenged him to a joint debate.

On 11 April, Usmanov said that this film denigrates his honour and dignity, and through the day the representatives of the billionaire has filed a defamation lawsuit against Navalny and the FCO in Lublin district court in Moscow. The trial on the merits scheduled for may 30.

Usmanov does not approve the video about Bulk with the Kremlin, I learned of RBC 19.05.2017

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