In Tashkent, closely follow the development of economic integration in the post-Soviet space, but so far considered disadvantageous accession to the Eurasian economic and Customs unions, said the Deputy Minister of foreign economic relations and trade, Shavkat Tulyaganov. In his opinion, this course of Uzbekistan will withstand and after the upcoming presidential elections.

“Uzbekistan is a member of those or other integration organizations, entities, primarily taking into account our interests. The first main priority – we do not have a certain structure, which can affect decision making in Uzbekistan. We are a member of a free trade zone, are members of the CIS. All these arrangements allow us to conduct normal trade and other relations. A deep study by our experts revealed today – membership in the EEU and the Customs Union do not provide the benefits to Uzbekistan or Vice versa for some positions can injure us”, – quotes the Deputy of RIA “news”.

He assured that the government is closely monitoring the development of integration structures.”If we count that cost for us will not have any difficulties or abuses, we will look at the issues arrivals. But today we have the rate decision and we are not going to join any new integration structure,” explained Tulyaganov.

According to him, this policy will be continued after the election of the President of Uzbekistan scheduled for December 4. “Candidates have already announced that the main course in foreign policy, the external economy will be based on those directions which were given to our first President,” the official explained.

Uzbekistan in November 2008, withdrew from the Eurasian economic community, the predecessor of the EEC, because of doubts in its effectiveness. “The major targets and the list of questions posed in the agenda of the EurAsEC largely duplicate the activities of the CIS and the CSTO. Not to mention the fact that in structures, sectoral and interagency councils, as well as Interparliamentary Assembly of the EurAsEC and the CSTO practically involved the same member States. All this leads to duplication and overlapping in the work of the inter-state structures in the former Soviet Union and, as a result definitely affects the efficiency and effectiveness of their activity”, – was stated in the letter of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, which was then sent to the address of the EurAsEC integration Committee.

Another argument in favor of this decision was the opposition of Uzbekistan with the principles of accession of the EurAsEC to the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Subsequently, Tashkent suspended its participation in a number of international treaties in force within the EurAsEC, in particular the agreement on cooperation in the field of criminal sanctions.

Last year, Islam Karimov, claimed that his country will never enter the unions like former USSR and will not be back in the days of the Union. As noted by the website UzDaily, in his speech in Parliament, the head of the Republic noted that “currently, in some countries attempts are being made to return during the Soviet Union,” without specifying what the state in question. Islam Karimov said that the Uzbek nation has chosen its way of development and does not intend to depend on others. He also called unacceptable glorification of Lenin and the Stalin era, the era of the USSR.

The website “Turkists” noted that Karimov also stated their firm intention not to enter into any military-political blocs and alliances, and not to allow the placement on its territory of military bases and facilities.

“Just a month ago (during Putin’s visit to Uzbekistan) Russian government media quoted various experts and politicians, up to the assistant to the head of the Russian Federation Ushakov, in relation to the “deep interest,” which “manifests” Uzbekistan to the Eurasian economic Union. However, as can be seen, there is no special interest Karimov to the Eurasian Union actually was not. And interest does not arise even after Putin’s visit. This can only talk about one thing: the Kremlin has finally lost leverage on this rich Central Asian Republic whose membership in the Eurasian Union could be a good tool for immersed in Western sanctions of Russia”, – says the publication in January 2015.

We will remind, at the summit in October 2014, the presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan signed the agreement on termination of EurAsEC activities in connection with the operation of the Eurasian economic Union. The Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union was signed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on 29 may 2014 in Astana. In 2015 acceded to the Union, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Vietnam has concluded with the countries-members of the EEC, the agreement establishing a free trade area and to join the Union wished Syria. In 2016, Moscow has offered to return from a reduction in the EEU to the community to facilitate pronunciation.

The first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov died on 2 September 2016 responsibilities of the head of state takes the Prime Savkar Mirziyoev, who is also the presidential candidate of the liberal Democratic party of Uzbekistan. Just for the presidency claimed the candidates of the four political parties of the country.

Uzbekistan does not hurry into the Customs Union or EurAsEC, said the government 29.11.2016

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