In Bangladesh, where Muslims make up 90% of the population committed mass attacks on Hindu temples after the “blasphemous” position in social networks one of the representatives of religious minority communities of Hindus and 27-year-old Rasaraja dash, which on his page in the social network posted a photo collage with a picture of a Hindu deity inside the Muslim Holy Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Hundreds of disgruntled Muslims took to the streets in Nasirnagar in the East of Bangladesh. In Sunday night protests escalated into attacks on Hindu temples and homes, reports The New York Post.

Muslims in response to “virtual” an insult to his Shrine desecrated in reality, at least 15 Hindu temples and statues of deities. According to various estimates, around 150 people were injured in the clashes, destroyed 200 houses of Hindus, reports The International Business Times. The perpetrator of the unrest, were detained on Friday for clarification of circumstances of publication.

Some groups of Muslims that participated in protests on Sunday, demanding punishment of the detainee for blasphemy. The attacks continued for many hours and were stopped by the police only to 14 hours Monday. By Monday, police arrested 15 people, triggering attacks on Hindus. Currently in Nasirnagar posted armed guards to prevent possible escalation of the conflict.

Hindus make up about 9% of the more than 160 million people of Bangladesh. As noted by the New York Post, such cases of civil unrest and attacks on religious minorities, from Muslims in Bangladesh are considered to be rare. However, to curb the violence by radical Islamists, the government has to exert a lot of effort.

As reported TASS, in recent months the country has seen several attacks on religious minorities, secular writers and publishers, as well as foreigners, many of which were committed by Islamist militants. After a series of precedents the world community has demanded urgent action to ensure security in the country. This question is especially troubled neighbouring India because in Bangladesh there is a large Indian Diaspora. For example, in June 2016, more than 10 thousands of radicals were arrested in Bangladesh for attacks on members of religious, ethnic and sexual minorities and public figures.

В Бангладеш мусульмане совершили массовые нападения на индуистские храмы после “богохульного” поста индуиста 01.11.2016

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