In St. Petersburg the police finds out circumstances of the conflict, which was attended by paramedics and visitors from Buryatia. Both sides accuse each other of violence. In addition, Aesculapius, according to the Buryats, throwing them to the address of xenophobic insults, the broadcasting company “Arigus”.

The incident occurred the evening of 29 October on the street Savushkina. Arrived on call the doctors took the patient with an arrhythmia the heartbeat and took him to the hospital, according to Life78. “When we went from the yard with flashing lights, we were blocked in a car and not allowed to drive,” he told the emergency room physician of the Primorsky district Julia Morgunova.

According to her, prevent the passage of emergency people were unloading things from the car brand Nissan, and flatly refused to allow doctors to advise them to back out and look for other ways of travel.

“The courts are all clogged, the machine overall, so the driver told them: “You know what you’re doing?” Began a verbal altercation. They pulled the driver out and started beating him, threw him on the ground,” added Julia Morgunova.

An employee of the ambulance got out of the car, and then attacked the companion of the driver of the car, probably his wife. “A fight broke out, she began to beat me,” recalls Julia.

According to the ambulance workers, pounced on them with his fists five people. They were drunk. Arrived at the scene, police were able to detain only one party to the conflict. Other opponents of the medics managed to escape.

However, in social networks people of Buryatia involved in the incident, outlined a different version of events by appealing to his countrymen. In their conviction that the fight was provoked by the ambulance driver.

As explained by one of participants of the conflict, he and his friends were already unloaded from the car things when they were approached by the ambulance and the driver was opening the door, immediately began to shout: “Move the car, chump, we are patient driven!”

The requirement to get out the driver “seasoned” portion of the swearing. The driver of the car answered him in the same spirit.

Then to the driver of the ambulance was joined by a female medic. According to visitors from Buryatia, she used foul language and shouted: “Come in large numbers chump! And where did you come from?” Then an employee of the ambulance allegedly attacked the girl and began to drag her by the hair.

“I’ll take the bat and be all you chumps, wet!” – do not let the driver of the ambulance “cultural capital”.

“In this time came a foreign man, made a remark to the doctor, why it offends national dignity. But the doctor at the remark didn’t react… And this conflict is over,” concluded the native of Buryatia told about the incident in social networks.

He also explained that in the car with him were his acquaintance with his wife, mother and the minor child and the driver. Elderly woman asked to take her family because she bought a microwave. To unload the appliances, the visitors from Buryatia and took a drive up to the house and for some time to cover domestic travel.

“Validating the chump”: in St. Petersburg, the ambulance got into a fight with the natives of Buryatia 01.11.2016

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