A former student of philosophical faculty of Moscow state University (MGU) named after Lomonosov Alexander Ivanov (Varvara Karaulov), accused of trying to join terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH, is prohibited in Russia) in Syria out of love to the recruiter, in the Moscow district military court has refused grateful indications, attributing them to the investigator, reported RIA “news” in court.

The state Prosecutor on Tuesday, November 22, announced the Protocol of interrogation Karaulova from 27 October 2015, according to which she pleaded guilty to attempt to join a terrorist organization and justify the actions of the group.

The Prosecutor, read the interrogation report said: “Karaulov said that he became a supporter of radical views, he thought of the fighting groups justified and wanted to live under the control of Sharia” (quoted by TASS).

The defendant agreed that he had read and signed this Protocol, but said that he did it, yielding to the entreaties of the investigator. “The investigator Sergey Gusarov tried to persuade me to plead guilty and recorded the testimony as it was convenient, distorting my words,” said the girl. Thus the question about the pressure from the investigation, she responded in the negative, said RIA “Novosti”.

Karaulov claims that the plea and asked her appointed attorney present at the interrogation.

She said she agreed to sign a confession, fearing to get a long time – 20 years in prison, she was intimidated by the investigator. Later talked with her attorney who convinced not to incriminate himself, and to tell the truth.

Varvara Karaulov, changed its name and became the Alexandra Ivanova, was arrested in October 2015 for attempting to join ISIS. 27 may 2015, being a second-year student of Moscow state University, Karaulova secret from the parents flew to Turkey, where he was detained with a group of Russians, allegedly attempting to enter Syria. The girl managed to return home on 12 June, she was arrested on 28 October and 10 November 2015, she filed formal charges.

As follows from the indictment, Karaulova decided to join ISIS, joining the group “Badr” for subversive activities on the territory of Syria or Europe, by suicide bombing. The girl in the social network contacted an unidentified person to get into one of the divisions of the group, which was ruled by a certain Abdul Khakin.

First, during the interrogation, she admitted her guilt, but later in February 2016, the lawyer said that the defendant refuses to confessions.

The trial Karaulova started on the 5th of October. In late August, it was reported that to it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. At MSU in November of 2016, announced the dismissal of the student.

Varvara Karaulov refused at the trial of the confession 22.11.2016

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