Student of the Moscow state University (MSU) Alexander Ivanov (Varvara Karaulov), accused of trying to join terrorist group Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, is prohibited in Russia) in Syria, has told on interrogation in the Moscow district military court on Thursday, November 17, as fell in love with his recruiter.

According to the girl, which leads TASS, she met Ayrat Samatvam in 2012, when he was still in the tenth grade. “We met in a social network “Vkontakte”, in group of fans of CSKA began to chat,” said Karaulov. Samatov, as the interrogation of the suspect introduced himself as Vlad said that he lives in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region.

First, young people talked on the subject of football, talked about life, but personal meetings they had. Over time, the communication with Vlad was to play an increasingly important role in the life of a girl and she fell in love with his companion.

After enrolling at MSU Karaulova lost school friends and began to communicate only with Samedovym. The recruiter was constantly jealous of her and were forbidden to talk not only with young people but with some girls, results NTV fragments of the interrogation of the accused.

“At first he presented himself as a man, professing neo-paganism, and in 2014 began to appear on topics related to Islam,” said the defendant. Later, the man began to raise issues concerning the IG.

“He had a nationalist conversations, they surprised me,
and we were arguing a lot. Sometimes during an argument he had me “get banned” in the social network. So later, when I started this talk, I was forced to support them, not to quarrel with him,” said Karaulova, quoted by “Interfax”.

“I supported these conversations just because it is interesting. More it about anything did not wish to speak”, – assured the judge Karaulov. By that time, according to the girl, she realized that this man loves and life without him is not.

Karaulova told why he converted to Islam

As told in the interrogation Karaulova, in February 2014 Samatov went to Syria, and their correspondence at the time stopped. In October of the same year Barbara, according to her, embraced Islam. At the trial, she stressed that in Islam, she liked only the postulates about the position of women, so she decided to become a Muslim, reports “Interfax”. “I liked that woman is under the patronage of her husband. She doesn’t have to work, and her husband needs her to keep and protect,” said the girl.

From the testimony Karaulova, it also follows that in March 2015 she started another romantic getting on the Internet to hurt virtual sweetheart, who was suspected of treason. “On Skype, I was married to Nadira. I did it because I wrote the girl and asked about Ayrat, I realized that this is connected with Vlad. I felt severe pain and realized that it was a betrayal on his part, ” said she.

The defendant said that he had decided to go to Syria to reunite with “husband” Nadir. Later her plans have changed because Samatov got in touch and invited her to join him in Syria. In addition, Samatov said that Nadir is ISIS and what marriage via Skype is valid.

“I was contacted and told that there is the opportunity to go to Syria, I can go there to get married, they sent me the money for the ticket. However, I wanted to go to Syria and thought I would find there Samatova,” said Karaulov.

The defendant also said that after to get to Syria, she failed and she started cooperation with the FSB, which monitored the computer and phone, she “broke down and once again made contact with Samatvam”.

The prosecution and the defence to present evidence at the trial. As expected, after the interrogation Karaulova, the parties will be given the opportunity to make additions, after which the court investigation is completed, and the court will set a date for debate.

As follows from the indictment, Varvara Karaulov decided to join ISIS, joining the group “Badr”, for “subversive activities on the territory of Syria or Europe by way of suicide bombing”. The girl in the social network made contact with an unidentified person to get into one of the divisions of the group, which was ruled by a certain Abdul Khakin.

27 may 2015 Karaulova secretly from his parents flew from Moscow to Istanbul. In Turkey she met and transported to a safe house in the city of Kilis. Later she was detained by security officers when crossing the border illegally. The girl managed to return home on 12 June. Karaulov upon arrival at the home was released after questioning without charge, then she changed her name and became Alexandra Ivanova. She was arrested on October 28.

10 Nov 2015 Ivanova (Karaulova) has issued a formal charge, then she recognized his guilt. At the end of August 2016, it became known that the investigation is completed and the accused threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. The trial of Barbara Karaulova started on 5 October.

Varvara Karaulov, who tried to join ISIS in Syria, told how he fell in love with the recruiter 17.11.2016

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