Vascular surgeon of the clinical hospital N1 them. N. And. Pirogov, Konstantin Sinjin spoke about the reduction of a visiting team in connection with the discontinuance of the 41st division of cardiovascular surgery. Meanwhile, the head physician of GKB named this information “lies”, but said that he was not interested in the work of vascular surgeons.

Sinjin wrote in his Facebook: “Well, apparently, our time has come (…) With 01.11.2016 you really like something without us… “You hang in there, all you good, good mood and health!”

As noted in”Novaya Gazeta”, 41-e, the office advised and surgical care for patients with acute vascular pathology and was the only one in Moscow a mobile team of emergency after angiosurgical help. On duty on the day the surgeon visited the calls in the Metropolitan hospitals and provided any urgent and planned care, performing operations wherever there is operating.

“The team always worked doctors who have the highest and first qualifying category, PhD, MD, Professor, honoured doctor of Russia”, – said Sinjin. In 2016, the state 41 Department of city clinical hospital N1 them. N. And. Pirogov were nine cardiovascular surgeons, two of them are professors, three doctors of medical Sciences and three candidates of medical Sciences.

According to the doctor, two months ago, doctors “gave notice of reduction of the Department, the hospital offered the position of “doctors of the statistics division”. The reduction of the branch was held in the summer of optimisation adopted by the Department of health of Moscow.

However, the leadership of the GSC denied information about the dismissal of doctors. Chief physician Alexei Light in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” said: “was visiting vascular team, which was formed in 1985, when vascular surgeons were few. Since 1995 it received the status of city teams. No this team is not close. All teams from 2015, transferred to an ambulance. It turns out that it’s a lie”.

According to him, now the hospital is preparing a formal response: “Konstantin Sinjin unfortunately in vascular surgery in the First city not show. Now we have to prepare an official response. How many vascular surgery was done by Dr. Sinjin personally. The brigade for the year 250 operations. This is the amount of teams of vascular surgeons per month.”

At the same time, Light said that is not interested in continuing their work. “Those who want to make the move to the ambulance. In the hospital they offered to General staff surgeons. Interest in vascular surgeons I have a big no,” – said the chief doctor of the hospital.

As recalled by Sinjin, the team was “formed by MD, Professor Stepanov N. In. in 1985 on the initiative of academician of RAMS, MD, Professor Zatevakhin I. I.”. According to the “New” every year the team performed to 3.5 thousand calls, about 250 transactions a quarter of them – surgical care in hospitals to stop bleeding.

Vascular surgeon of the clinical hospital named. N. And. Pirogov complained about the reduction in unique visiting team 31.10.2016

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