The captain of the national team of Russia on football Vasili Berezutski has urged not to inflate expectations from the national team in international tournaments, bringing a decent argument in favor of his point of view.

In an interview with “Sport-Express” 34-year-old veteran was asked to comment on the catch of the resonant statement by former national team coach Leonid Slutsky “We g…clearly”spoken after the failure at Euro 2016.

“I have said many times that we set ourselves some goals, believe that someone should beat, but in reality it is not. In Russia, for some reason everyone is convinced that we must beat Wales. After the draw of the Euro many have argued that Britain needs to compete, and in Slovakia and the Welsh to take the three points… Such sentiments should depart on the second plan. We need to prepare competitive players, and then you put these tasks,” said Berezutski.

Basil said he did not share the controversial thesis of Andrei Arshavin “Your expectations are your problems”, however calls for the fans to look objectively at things.

“Look at the street and wondering why our football is not on the same level as in Spain or another warm country? Yes, because in Russia it is impossible to play all year round. Young children only five or six clubs in Russia have an opportunity to train in the arena – the rest have to do in the snow. The effectiveness of the training, you know, plummets. In General, do not think that we have some great football nation. It’s absolutely not true,” says the defender.

“We are constantly trying somewhere to jump. But it’s like trying to prove the superiority of “Zhiguli” of the “Mercedes”. Everything seems to be clear, but someone says, “Lada” will overtake “Mercedes” on the track… Nonsense! And all this is obvious. And in football we all what for turn, talking about the victories, to not having preconditions,” said Berezutski.

He has previously stated that Russia is a country received. Football player drew attention to the fact that virtually all the competition except hockey, held at an empty stadium. Even if the entrance is free.

Vasili Berezutski: “we should Not think that Russia is a great football power” 30.11.2016

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