Sports commentator Vasily Utkin, who has already tried himself as an actor in the company with “the Quartet And” finally got the part in the solo project. We are talking about the pilot of the Comedy series.

“We’re making a movie about me. Well, so it’s easiest to explain; in fact, not about me, of course. This is the pilot series, which was called “Indomitable” (which I don’t especially like), and in the end is called “Utkin against.” It will be a Comedy. It starts with the fact that one well-known commentator fell asleep in the air and uttered all sorts of nonsense and then lost his job, and of many other things,” – said Utkin on Facebook.

According to him, a customer pilot is “Match TV”. In late March, the film will be given to the channel, and there will decide whether to start shooting the series. The author of the project was the Director and screenwriter Michael Brashinsky.

“Today is the last day of rehearsals. Now this is my most unloved in life, monotonous business; rehearsals ahead of the dishes and the fitting of clothing) will Continue to be four very intense days of shooting, between Thursday and Monday, all over the city. And post-production”, announced the lead actor.

Recall major sports commentator Vasily Utkin has long been released on the big screens of the country. One of his first major films was the role in the Comedy “election Day” and “election Day – 2″, where Utkin played on the policies of the masseur, and later candidate for Governor and Governor Igor Tsaplin – originally “nephew alive repressed Blucher and Tukhachevsky”. The role of the Governor Alexei Utkin plays in the play “Quartet And”. He recently starred in the dancing in the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the clip “Man-shit” group “Birdman”.

Utkin was with the scandal dismissed from work on the Federal TV channel “Match TV”, where he informed with the scandal were employed. The commentator was punished for glaring mistakes in a live football match between Bayern and Barcelona. According to the unofficial version, the reason for his dismissal was the work drunk. He Utkin argued that streamed half-asleep. In his summary he later described himself as “an alcoholic and a jerk.”

Vasily Utkin starred in the pilot of the series about a commentator who has fallen asleep in the air 14.03.2017

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