The separatists of the Donetsk people’s Republic, which controls part of the territory of Donetsk region of Ukraine, called call of the successor of Motorola – killed in the Elevator of a fighter Arsen Pavlov, who commanded the battalion “Sparta”. His place at the head of the battalion will take the fighter with a call sign Vaughan, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The name RIA calls. News site brings a photo Wohi. In Ukrainian media the same photo associated with the name of Vladimir Artemovich Jogi. The name Wohi calls the portal of Life, accepting an interview with him in connection with his new appointment.

Vaughan in an interview with RIA said: “This (command) I will be his first Deputy. He (Pavlov) always I was represented by the Deputy, therefore, unanimously decided that his case will continue all together, but under my leadership… We are going to do what he did, our battalion will be engaged in combat training, to do damage to the enemy.”

Vaughan admitted that he got “upset” those who expect that “Sparta” after the death of Motorola will hand over their positions. “We’re okay… Loss is very large, but we continue to work,” he said.

Also the new commander expressed confidence that the perpetrators of the death of Motorola will be found: “Those who did… there will come a day of reckoning. Albeit not much happy for having done it. There is a God, he sees everything.”

Motorola died 16 October in the explosion in the Elevator of his house. The explosive device was fixed on the Elevator cable and activated remotely. In DND believe that it was a terrorist attack, organized by the Ukrainian special services.

Vaughan, he’s Gaga: in DND called the successor of Motorola 23.10.2016

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