In Russia in 2015 the defense expenditure has decreased in comparison with the originally planned 3.1%, or 100.2 billion rubles. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the conclusion of the Duma Committee on defence on the bill on the execution of last year’s budget.

Defense spending in 2015 was approved in the budget in the amount of 3,187 trillion rubles, and is made in the cash performance in the amount of 3,181 trillion rubles. However, as noted in the conclusion of the Committee in April 2015 in the course of optimization of the budget expenditures by section “national defense” was reduced to 166 billion rubles, however, in autumn, after the determination of parameters of budget revenues, will be increased to more than 65 billion rubles, which led to a total reduction of 100 billion roubles, is spoken in article.

A source close to the defense Ministry, told the newspaper that budget cuts in 2015 to 166 billion rubles, and its subsequent increase of 65 billion was mainly due to expenses for procurement, repair and development of weapons and construction.

On January 1, 2016 accounts payable of the Ministry of defense amounted to, according to the report, 598 billion rubles and grew by 22.8%. This amounts to 41.4% of all accounts payable of the Federal budget. According to a source in the defense Ministry, the increase in accounts payable related to payments to suppliers and largely “bookkeeping” in nature. In addition, the debt and there are many utilities of the Ministry of defense.

It is noted that defence expenditure in nominal terms in 2015 reached a plateau and 2016, gradually begin to shrink. According to a source close to the defense Ministry by the end of the decade the process of reducing spending accelerated. In 2016, the expenditures under section “national defense” are expected to be executed in the amount of 3,009 trillion rubles, which is almost 6% lower in nominal terms than in 2015.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of Finance offers of the Ministry of defence in 2017 to reduce costs by 6%. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov, told “Vedomosti” that the Committee has already received from the Committee on budget proposals for reducing defense spending in 2017, and soon they will be considered.

Vedomosti: expenditure on national defense decreased in 2015 to 100,2 billion 13.10.2016

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