Trinity court of Moscow fully satisfied the requirements of the company “Business news Media”, which publishes the newspaper “Vedomosti”, in the claim to the managing partner of Agency “Social networks” Denis Terekhov on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation over allegations that he paid for her so-called “blocks” at the mention of certain people or companies, reports the publication itself.

Now Terekhov within 10 days after the court decision comes into force is obliged to publish on his page on the social network Facebook rebuttal, the text of which wrote Vedomosti and confirmed by the court. In particular, he must deny that he negotiated with the journalists of the newspaper in 2010 about the “blocks” and to write that has no reliable information that journalists or employees of “sheets” have ever taken money to refrain from publishing any material.

After the announcement of the verdict in conversation with journalists RNS Terekhov said he intends to challenge the decision of the court of the Trinity. “Yes, certainly”, – he answered the corresponding question. “Vedomosti”, in turn, noted that at trial, the managing partner of Agency “Social network” failed to provide any evidence that you ever transferred money to the employees, “Vedomosti”, and did not even attempt this.

“Hurrah! Vedomosti won a court PR chic, who claimed that all media take bribes for publication and that in 2010 he personally supposedly gave 100 thousand dollars per month to journalists “sheets” for a block (that is what just not to release news on some important topic). With that stated absolutely confident, in the end, it was plastered all over FB (Facebook – Approx. and was published in several media,” – wrote in a Telegram to the journalist of “sheets” Xenia Balicka.

The lawsuit, initially filed in the Golovinsky district court of Moscow and was February 12, was associated with the fact that Terekhov in September 2015 on his page on Facebook hintedthat he had paid “Vedomosti” 100 thousand dollars for that edition was not published materials about the certain company and person. The head of the “Social networking” did not disclose any name of an employee, no other details, said then head of legal Department of “sheets” Vladimir Rumjantsev.

“Vedomosti” through court has achieved that Terekhov on the page in Facebook has denied allegations that you can pay for a block of negative articles in the newspaper. While no material claims have “Business news Media” to Terekhov was not. This spring, in response to a request for comment on the lawsuit itself Terekhov told VC.Ru the following: “I give only one comment: “Old lesbian regret, if in court will not prove their position”.

Earlier Terekhov also said that in 2006, paid 15 thousand dollars of the Russian Forbes for publishing an article about Alexander Gaydamak. He pointed out in the discussion in Facebook that he had paid the then Deputy editor of Forbes Cyril Vishnepolsky. Vishnepolsky explained that “some kind of grouping of the black PR then dispatched to the editor of the mole – girl-trainee, who immediately said that she has contact with Gaydamak”. He said that he had revised it “complimentary and silly lyrics,” and then the editors called himself Gaydamak and resented the fact that the publication was paid.

Vishnepolsky denied that the newspaper received any money for publishing. At the beginning of September 2015 journalist Leonid Bershidsky has published in Facebook a screenshot of a conversation with Terekhov on this topic. However, Natalia Gandurina, General Director of JSC “AC RUS MEDIA”, which since autumn of last year the Russian Forbes, said that the company plans to submit the claim to the head of the “Social networking”.

Denis Terekhov was born in 1979, graduated from the St. Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions (specialty “public Relations”) and Vyatka state humanitarian University (specialty “Advertising”). In 2008, together with partners, has created the Agency “Social networks”, which specializiruetsya on the development and implementation of integrated solutions to promote brands, personalities, goods, services, and “themes and meanings” in social networks, the blogosphere and online media.

“Vedomosti” has won a lawsuit for defamation of the head of the Agency “Social networks”, all accused business journalists of corruption 27.10.2016

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