In the budget of Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) of 0.5 trillion roubles to increase the salaries of medical workers, the promise of the “may decrees” of President Putin from 2012, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In the explanatory note to the draft budget of the HIF is said that in 2017 the indexation of salaries of doctors additionally required 71 billion in 2018 – 196,6 billion in 2019 – 219,5 billion.

The draft Federal budget for 2017-19 years is ready and the budget of the HIF is the only one that is not yet balanced, notes the edition. Considered several options for the financing of the Fund.

The deficit of the FOMI proposed to cover the increase in insurance contributions from employers in excess of the threshold. Another suggestion was to require not officially working citizens to pay for medical services. However, while there is no solution.

Most likely, said the source “Vedomosti”, the lack of money in the HIF will be covered by transfers from the Federal budget.

Recall the “may decrees” is a series of decrees signed by Vladimir Putin on may 7, 2012 on the day of his inauguration as Russian President. The implementation of most of the tasks set by the decrees, should be completed by 2018.

According to these decrees in the number of core indicatorsthat should be achieved by 2018, growth in real wages in the social sphere, particularly in health and education, in 1,5 times, affordable housing, 60% of families, the creation of 25 million high-performance workplaces, growth of 1.5% in labour productivity, the rearmament of the army by 70%. By 2017 were instructed to increase the volume of investments in fixed capital not less than 27% of GDP.

In late September the head of the Fund “Center of strategic research” and ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has proposed to partially abandon the execution of these decrees otherwise for the sake of higher wages will have to “reduce school repairs, provision of equipment, provision of equipment and relevant materials for hospitals.” And this, to Kudrin, “dangerous maneuver”.

Vedomosti: in the mandatory medical insurance Fund is not enough money for salaries to doctors, the promise of the “may decrees” Putin 14.10.2016

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