The income of “Rosneftegaz”, which the government wants to take 100% of the dividends cannot be estimated, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, referring to the correspondence of officials with heads of state holding owned companies. “Rosneftegaz” (Chairman of the Board of Directors Igor Sechin) accumulates income from “Rosneft”, “Gazprom” and “inter RAO”.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance has proposed that Rosneftegaz has transferred to the budget of all dividends and not a half or a quarter as far. A fundamental decision is, reported by the newspaper financial officer. The Ministry of Finance, in his words, fights for the dividends to state – owned companies- not only “Rosneftegaz” – did not receive exceptions.

In 2016 Rosneftegaz given budget 35 billion rubles, and received 107 billion of dividends. In addition, should withdraw from “Rosneftegaz” 700 billion rubles from the sale of 19.5% of “Rosneft”, says the newspaper’s source.

A “black hole that lives by its own rules,” complained the publication of another Federal official: “Why Rosneftegaz does not respond to letters of the owner, and sends all Putin like he is the owner not clear.”
Officials could not estimate and dividends “Rosneft”.

In September, the Agency asked state-owned companies by October 14 to give a profit forecast and dividends for 2017-2019. “Rosneft” has provided data only for 2015.

In a letter to the head of the Agency Dmitry Britanskomu of October 12, the Vice-President “Rosneft” Pavel Fedorov explains why: there are two objective circumstances. Both blame the government.

The first is the integration of “Bashneft”, which Rosneft acquired by order of the government, writes Fedorov; the second is significant uncertainty in the tax and customs tariff regulation of the oil and gas industry until 2019.

Fedorov asked the budget and tax scenarios. The representative of the Federal property Agency said that this request was forwarded to the Ministry of economy and Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance said that all the data posted on its website, says the official. Rosneft declined to comment on the correspondence.

“Basic directions of budget and tax and customs tariff policy” was discussed at the hearings in the Duma on 10 October, Rosneft would have to know the basic principles. The Treasury believes that oil companies should pay more, the parameters are known, any analyst can influence the count, with surprise commented on the events for the “Vedomosti” Sergey Vakhrameev from GL Asset Management.

“Vedomosti” income “Rosneftegaz” it is impossible to estimate 25.10.2016

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