The newspaper “Vedomosti” reported in Friday’s article that the Moscow metro may partially disable mobile connection. According to the newspaper, metro has threatened the operators to turn off base stations if they are up to 9 December will not provide permits – sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor on its equipment and its opinion on the harmonization of the functioning of electronic equipment.

However, the CPS has denied this information. “Rospotrebnadzor has denied the risk of deterioration of access to cellular service in the subway. Today, talking about any off the stations in the metro is not, the permitting process at the station goes in a regular mode”, – is spoken in the Department message, received by TASS. Access of Muscovites to the full range of services remains a priority, highlighted in the CPS.

According to “Vedomosti”, the letter requirements immediately grant permits to operators sent on 7 December. The receipt of the letter, confirmed a source in the government of Moscow, the employee of one of the operators as well as the representative of “Megaphone” Paul Larin. If the requirements are not met, management of the underground promises to turn off the power supply of base stations.

The evaluation of the source in the Moscow mayor’s office, metro works at least 600 to 700 base stations. However, as noted, the validity of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions on most of them expired. MTS, “MegaFon” and “Vympelcom” do not extend them, as already agreed plans for the modernization of networks in the subway to the world Cup 2018. And to make old and new equipment is long and expensive – a typical base station costs about 60 thousand rubles, the approval process takes up to six months, the article says.

At the same time, as explained to “Vedomosti”, the operators promise to give metro the required documents, but are asked to give for this purpose more time.

To avoid outages can only Tele2, as the company came to Moscow in 2015, and the documents it new, the newspaper reports, citing a source in city hall.

The head of a capital Central Board Rospotrebnadzora Elena Andreeva told journalists that the instructions about disabling the base stations, the Agency does not issue, it is done by court order. To the court any materials not transferred, she said.

In turn, the representative of the Department of information technology of Moscow Elena Novikova expressed the opinion that the haste with the shutdown of communication on social sites is unacceptable, as is required a reasonable time to resolve contentious issues.

In October, the operator Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro “Maximalism” and the ISP NetByNet, which is “daughter” of “MegaFon” has launched a single wireless Internet network for passengers on the metro and surface public transport in the capital.

“Vedomosti” reported on the communication blackout in the Moscow metro, but in the CPS denied 10.12.2016

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