In Venezuela, children from malnutrition faint. As told to Fox News Latino the teacher of initial classes of one of the largest state schools in the capital Caracas Elías Toro Claires Diaz, last year attendance was very low. Every day 30 people in the class were absent at least 10.

The reason for the absence of children in the classroom, according to teacher, – the lack of food. One of the mothers told Diaz that on Thursdays, the family is forced to stand in long queues to buy food in the store, where prices are regulated by the state. Must take place at night, so the child there is no one to deliver in school.

According to Diaz, one day she saw a child fell into a swoon hungry. Teachers in other parts of the country also report that children faint or fall asleep from weakness in the classroom. By the end of the school year, children were brought to school lunch – parents had nothing to give to them. As complained Claires Diaz, children who do not eat normally, can not study well.

The Congressman from the opposition Miguel Pizarro accuses the government of Nicolas Maduro that the government spends millions of dollars on weapons and not on feeding people.

According to a survey conducted last month among 2,000 residents of Caracas, a large number of children do not attend school because of lack of food or they feel bad from malnutrition, or their parents spend the food money intended for travel, or they spend time in line for food with their parents.

The survey showed that 36.5 percent of children eat only twice a day, 10,2% do it once. For 11.9 percent of children school lunch for five bolivars (about 0.007 US dollar) is the only way to eat.
Parents are also often unable to provide children with school supplies.

Recall that due to the severe economic crisis caused by falling oil prices, Venezuela has a shortage of many goods of daily demand. The shelves are empty, food and other goods there are huge queues.

In may and June in some regions due to the shortage of food and medicine have been protests, broke out the riots. The citizens of the country, breaking through the border fence, repeatedly went for food and drugs in neighboring Colombia. In early July, 500 of the Venezuelan stormed the border of Colombia, to buy the necessary products.

In mid-July, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro instructed to save the economy Minister of defence, appointed him responsible for the implementation of the “Sovereign and secure supply”. The President created the Council of State to supply and manage it.

At the end of July it became known that the Latin American reserve Fund has allocated Caracas a loan in the amount of 482 million dollars on food and commodities.

Venezuelan children fainting at school due to hunger 27.09.2016

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