Venezuela’s Parliament accused the Executive power in violation of the constitutional order and announced the intention to begin impeachment proceedings of President Nicolas Maduro, reports the newspaper El Universal. The corresponding decision was taken at yesterday’s emergency meeting of the Supreme legislative body where the majority of the seats occupied by political opponents of the President.

The document, consisting of nine items of particular importance are the announcement of the breach of constitutional order and the perpetration of a coup by the Executive branch, and the decision to begin procedure of dismissal of Nicolas Maduro.

In addition, the deputies plan to submit the state to the international criminal court for the suspension of the referendum over the resignation of the President, the appointment of five members of the National electoral Council (CNE) and the selection of new members of the Supreme court, reports TASS.

Last Thursday, the national electoral Council announced that the second phase of training for a national vote on the issue of early termination of powers of the head of state has been postponed indefinitely. A new stage of collecting signatures was to be held from 26 to 28 October.

This decision was made in connection with judicial verdicts handed down in several regions of the country in respect of violations committed by the opposition during the first stage of the preparation of a plebiscite.

In early August the signing of more than 1% of voters (329 thousand), submitted at the first stage, in support of the organization of the referendum, to be genuine. In the second stage, the Block of democratic unity would need support about 4 million people eligible to vote, after which the sheets with their signatures had to pass a test in NIS.

The probability of cancellation of the plebiscite this year is extremely high, which is disadvantageous to the opposition. Opponents of Maduro to implement their plans, it is important to seek a referendum until 10 January 2017. Otherwise, the suspended head of state for a term of two years appointed to the highest office of the country his Vice President.

Venezuela’s Parliament intends to begin procedure of impeachment of President Maduro 24.10.2016

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