Vietnam will not allow other countries to place on its territory
military bases. A statement of the head of the foreign Ministry Le Hai Binh made
the briefing in Hanoi on Thursday, October 13, after the Russian
The Ministry of defence has announced
about the possibility of placing military bases in Vietnam and Cuba.

Le Hai Binh stressed that Vietnam,
sticking to military neutrality, has always pursued a foreign
policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and
the development of cultural diversity. The head of the Vietnamese foreign Ministry noted that
relations with Russia, the country has made considerable progress, reports
giao thong

At the same time, he stressed: “Viet Nam’s consistent policy is to not enter into military alliances with any country to counter a third country”, – quotes Reuters the head of the Vietnamese foreign Ministry. “We will not allow any countries to build military bases in Vietnam,” he added.

The neutrality of Vietnam nevertheless admits the possibility of calling its
ports of warships of foreign States. For example, in October to Cam Ranh
stopped by the USS John S. McCain and the floating base Frank
Cable. With Japan in Vietnam, there is agreement on approach to Cam Ranh Japanese
warships to replenish fuel, food and fresh water and
for maintenance during exercises and operations to combat piracy.

Plans to return to Vietnam, the military base announced
Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov. RIA “news” in may led
the statement of the Ambassador of Vietnam in Moscow Nguyen Thanh Sean, who said,
that Vietnam is not against Russia’s return to the base in Cam Ranh Bay in
if her actions are not aimed against third countries.

“The implementation of the Cam Ranh port for multilateral international
cooperation to ensure Maritime transport services, repair
the courts and the development of military equipment to promote peace and stability in
the region is the appropriate direction,” – said the diplomat.

Russia turned its military base in Cam Ranh in early 2000-ies,
after the Vietnamese side asked for her rent 300
millions of dollars a year. The last Russian soldiers left
database in may 2002. China and the United States offered for rent Vietnam Cam Ranh Bay
$ 500 million, but Hanoi refused.

Rumors about the revival of the base went with 2013, but in the main headquarters
The Russian Navy they denied,
arguing that “the question of the basis is not necessary” because “there is

The failure came when there was a need. It hinted
press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on
the Ministry of defense plans on the revival of military bases abroad: “international
the situation is not static, but rather fluid. You see that
the last two years has made at all in international Affairs and in the mode
international security significant changes,” said
a Kremlin spokesman told reporters. “Naturally, all countries in
accordance with its national interests assess these
changes and taking certain measures in the direction in which
think is appropriate,” he said.

Vietnam broke the plans of Russia to revive military base in Cam Ranh Bay 13.10.2016

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