The government of Vietnam decided to abandon the construction of nuclear power units as other energy sources become less expensive, and the demand for energy in the country has decreased due to the decline in economic growth.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this week the plan for the fate of the local nuclear power plant projects will be transferred to the National Assembly, the legislative body of the country which will ratify the document in November 2016.

The plan to build two NPPs in the Ninh Thuan province was approved in Vietnam in 2009. For the implementation of the project was, in particular, the Russian company Rosatom.

According to the Russian-Vietnamese agreement, the construction of NPP “Ninh Thuan 1″ consisting of two blocks was originally supposed to be completed by 2020. In June 2016 at the forum “ATOMEXPO-2016″ in Moscow the Deputy head of Rosatom Kirill Komarov said that as the date of commissioning of the first unit of the plant was considered by 2027 or 2028.

Now, however, it is unknown whether this project completed ever.

However, according to the Russian side, the question of abandonment of projects is not. The fact that the Parliament of Vietnam have yet to vote on the question of the construction of the country’s nuclear power plants. And, perhaps, will put the question on the postponement, said the Russian Embassy in Hanoi. “Officially, the Vietnam Embassy, no paper sent. According to forecasts, the vote on this issue in Parliament will be held on November 21″, – told RIA “news” a press-attache of the Embassy Yevgeny Belov.

Recall, the average economic growth in Vietnam in the period 2011-2015, was of the order of 5.84%, while the government focused on higher rates of 6.5% and 7%. Last month, the government lowered the growth target for the current year from 6.7% to 6.3-6.5 per cent. Member of the National Assembly of Vietnam also said that the country’s public debt approaching 65% of GDP, is another reason for the cancellation of the project for the construction of nuclear power plants.

The project of NPP “Ninh Thuan 1″ includes two power units with Russian VVER reactors with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW each. Construction of Vietnam, as planned, have to get a Russian state loan in the amount of eight billion dollars. Russia and Vietnam signed an agreement on construction of the nuclear power plant in October 2010. In 2015, signed a General framework agreement on the implementation of the first phase of the construction project.

Vietnam decided to abandon the country’s first nuclear power plant that was supposed to build a Rosatom 17.11.2016

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