The management of the troubled airline “VIM-Avia” appealed to authorities to urgently provide the state guarantees, reports TASS. “The flight crew of the airline willing to operate flights, the airline operator certificate is valid. Given these circumstances, the airline was requested to consider urgently the provision of state guarantees to pay for the fuel for export flights”, – the carrier in its press release.

“VIM-Avia” asks 840 million rubles. They are needed to transport clients to the destination. Other airlines who on Tuesday night expressed their willingness to carry those passengers, there is sufficient capacity in the desired directions, say representatives of “VIM-Avia”.

Earlier it was reported that the debt of “VIM-Avia” before the Russian airports makes more than 660 million rubles.

Additionally, the RF Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov has declared yesterday that the state “VIM-Avia” meaningless, “because the company has virtually stopped work”.

Instead, it was solved at the expense of budgetary and extra-budgetary sources to Finance the activities of the airlines, which will help to transport passengers “VIM-Avia”.

Thus, 200 million roubles from the Federal budget for 2018 will be paid to cover the costs of the airlines that will perform the transportation of passengers on domestic scheduled destinations. Funding for international Charter flights for evacuation of tourists from abroad shall be funded from extrabudgetary resources. On the proposal of the Cabinet agreed on Tuesday seven airlines “Ural airlines”, “Ifly”, Red Wings, NordStar, “Icarus”, “the North wind” and “Yakutia”.

“At the moment, returning some 16 thousand tourists is possible only by air fleet “VIM-Avia”. Of these seven Russian airlines, the deficit of carrying capacities in the right direction”, – said the representative of the carrier to the Agency , RIA “Novosti”.

To normalize the situation required the release of three sides airlines from Antalya and run five or six planes “WIM-Avia”.

Monday, September 25, it became known that the Federal air transport Agency has initiated an unscheduled inspection of the airline “VIM-Avia”. According to the Agency, lengthy delays associated with the company’s debt to the fuel and gas organizations.

Operator certificate “VIM-Avia”, according to TASS, may be suspended in two weeks. “Two weeks later, the company will not exist we said clearly,” – said the source Agency, noting that we are talking about the suspension of the certificate.

“VIM-Avia” was asked to provide state guarantees in the amount of 840 million rubles 30.09.2017

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