Troubled airline “VIM-Avia” will receive 500 million rubles, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. A source close to the leadership of the airline, told the publication that it expects in the near future a serious income from the Federal budget.

On Wednesday, “VIM-Avia” received 55 million rubles of subsidies from the Federal air transport Agency for transportation of passengers to the far East and sent them to the repayment of debts on wages. At the end of October can be obtained subsidies for transportation in September, although the amount is smaller, adds the newspaper.

“The airline signed a contract for subsidized transportation for 254 million rubles, for the actually performed flights already paid 215 million rubles”, – said the representative of Federal air transport Agency.

However, even 500 million rubles still does not help companies to stay afloat, I guess “Vedomosti”. Aircraft detained at airports for debt in Russia and abroad (currently in Spain, Belgium, Turkey and France), at Vnukovo from Domodedovo flew only four of the Board before 29. For the Tuesday-Wednesday “VIM-Avia” carried out a total of about 10 flights.

The night it was announcedthat the aircraft in distress the airline will carry out flights until mid-October. Passengers with the date of the execution of regular flights from 16 October and later it is recommended to return cash to take the tickets at the point of purchase, according to the website of the Ministry of transport following an emergency meeting held Wednesday evening under the chairmanship of the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

Previously, he insistedthat to maintain “VIM-Avia” makes no sense and it is better to give money to carry out its flights to other carriers. In fact, it goes differently: in airports again start to refuel the aircraft “VIM”, which will return to Russia more than 10 thousand affected passengers.

The transport Ministry in its press release reports reaching “agreements in principle” with the airports and refueling companies of the country on uninterrupted service of all flights “VIM-Avia”.

We will remind, this week “VIM-Avia” has admittedthat she has no funds to continue operating activities. This was preceded by massive delays in flight departure from Domodedovo from-for debts for fuel in the amount of not less than 500 million rubles.

The airline has asked the Ministry of transport “to consider urgently the provision of state guarantees” 800-840 million rubles to pay for fuel and transporting passengers from abroad on their own.

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the government declared the head of Ministry of transport Maxim Sokolov about incomplete official compliance, and supervising Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that he did not pay sufficient attention to the transport industry.

The airline six creditor banks, and its debt is approximately 7 billion. The first step to a formal bankruptcy has been made: the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), which is the bankruptcy Trustee of a bankrupt two years ago “mutually exclusive”, this week filed on behalf of the Bank the claim in Arbitration court of Tatarstan about a recognition the bankrupt of the airline “VIM-Avia”.

On September 27 the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko said that the co-owner of “VIM-Avia” Rashid Mursekaev has not come to the meeting and may have left the country.

“VIM-Avia” will receive 500 million rubles, but it is unlikely to help 01.10.2017

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