One of the shops in upstate new York in the basket for customers was discovered nearly 10 thousand dollars in cash. As reported by The Citizen of Auburn, by mistake left the store the owner of a local restaurant.

In the end, the woman received back his money, which was her week of her institution. Two buyers who have taken a basket with an envelope in which lay the 9800 thousand dollars, and checkbook, took it to shop staff.

Lost money woman later went to the store that handed her an envelope and a checkbook. She has also been asked to find a pair that returned the money to repay them. According to the portal, their names unknown, as they refused to identify store employees.

Store Manager Jeff Welch said that he had found the owner of money using a checkbook. He contacted the Bank, which caters to a woman, and learned her contacts. “We care about our customers, he said. And we are not going to use any bad situations to their purposes.”

Visitors to the new York store was returned to a basket of 10 thousand dollars 21.10.2016

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