The Deputy Prime Minister on sport, tourism and youth policy Vitaly Mutko called the standard situation with the roll-out field at the new stadium “Zenith” in St.-Petersburg.

“In General, I think the preparation is going according to schedule. Always a great project raises many questions. The pitch is a standard situation” – quoted by TASS statement by Vitaly Mutko.

On Monday, the stadium in St. Petersburg was visited by the inspection Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA), which was dissatisfied with the roll-out field in the arena. Claims due to high levels of vibration, which does not conform to the norms. According to media reports, the Commission recommended to replace the roll-out field on a stationary lawn.

The fact that the field roll-out “Zenit Arena” in its kind is unique. Similar structures exist in Germany, USA and Japan, but they have a moving box made of reinforced concrete and weighs twice more than the steel of Petersburg. In the end, the flooring “Zenit-Arena” is inferior to them not only by weight but in stiffness.

According to engineers, vibration was to be expected – they are scheduled to be eliminated in the operation. The builders hope that there will be shrinkage of the materials at the base of the arena, the irregularities which brought a lot of problems in the test roll-out two weeks ago.

If the defects will be constructive, contractors have already put forward a number of proposals to address them. Among them the installation of under a thousand jacks, and pallet of steel frames filled with concrete.

Experts do not yet know what decision will be optimal or at least work. In the extreme case reserved the radical way is to leave a roll-out field outside the arena and inside to fill a regular, fixed.

And yet the designers radiate optimism and confidence that all the problems of the arena will be decided by the end of December.

“The FIFA Commission was working comments. Working visit, working comments. Fatal no”, – quotes “Fontanka” the verdict of the Vice-Governor Igor Albin.

Vitaly Mutko called the standard situation with a trembling field “Zenit-Arena” 03.11.2016

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