Russian President Vladimir Putin, who three years ago confessedthat he was baptized “and kept it secret from father,” said the new details about their admission to the Church. In the documentary film “the Patriarch”, which was filmed for the 70th anniversary of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, the President suggests that his godfather was the father of Patriarch Kirill, Leningrad priest Mikhail Gundyaev.

“When I was baptized, that was in late 1952, my mother told me how it was. Baptized me in secret from his father, he was a member of the Communist party. I don’t know how this mystery was really serious, but in any case, I was told when I grew up,” – says Putin.

Baptism, according to him, was committed at the Transfiguration Cathedral of Leningrad. “The priest, who then served there, offered to call her son, that is me, Michael. He says: today is Michael’s day, and I said, Michael. Mom apologized, saying, sir, sorry, we’re named in honor of his father. He says: okay. Such a kind, quiet father,” – told the story of his mother Vladimir Putin.

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In the film “the Patriarch” the Russian President admitted that it can sometimes be to communicate and to argue with the Patriarch, which is “very much can be learned”. In one of these conversations, talking about how the Patriarch “came to Church”. The Hierarch said that his father was a priest, and served in the Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Leningrad in the early 1950-ies.

“I was wary. What was the name of your father? He says Michael. And you can tell me, while there are other Michaels served? No, he was one Michael. I say to him – you know what, your father baptized me,” – told the President a conversation with the Patriarch.

Mikhail V. Gundyaev enrolled in theological courses in the 1920-ies, during the times of persecution of the Church. For he found the notes on theology was for three years sent to the Kolyma camps. He was ordained to the priesthood only after the great Patriotic war.

The last time Vladimir Putin publicly raised the issue of their belonging to the Orthodox Church in 2013, in an interview for the film “the Second baptism of Rus”. “My mother had me baptised, at least, kept it secret from his father, who was a member of the Communist party. He was no functionary – worked at the factory, however, was some sort of micro-party figure at the level of the Guild the organization of the factory. And mother secretly from his father supposedly I was baptized,” – said Putin.

On the eve of the President the decree has awarded the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill with the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree.

Vladimir Putin, half a century later came to the conclusion that he was baptized the father of Patriarch Kirill 21.11.2016

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