Truckers from the Volgograd region, Dagestan and Saratov stopped in Moscow a protest against the system “Platon” for the collection of tolls on highways of heavy trucks. In turn, in Ryazan yesterday completed a similar event.

According to the newspaper “Caucasian knot”, the truck drivers left the Parking lot in the capital district Teply Stan. The participants noted that the renewal of preferential tariffs for heavy vehicles as of 1 March does not solve the problem. The initiators of the Association of carriers in the Volgograd region plan to register before the end of March.

Five drivers from the Volgograd region, four truckers from Dagestan and one inhabitant of Saratov has supported the all-Russia strike of truck drivers against the system “Platon”, which began on 20 February. They arrived in Moscow on a 10-day protest, saying that will not go in flight before March 1, and will not take orders. According to organizers, the action was joined by drivers from 45 regions of Russia.

Ryazan truckers took to their cars to protest in Ryazan against the “Platonic” on February 25. On 1 March, as promised, drivers of large trucks, the action ended. After about 60 truckers discussed the problems of business and future plans, and also stated that due to stocks tax is not increased, writes “Ryazan Regional newspaper”.

The participants of the Moscow action require full repeal of “Plato”

As told the “Caucasian knot” one of the protesters in Moscow, founder of the Union of truckers and entrepreneurs of the Volgograd region Roman Andronov, he and his colleagues against require full repeal of “Plato”. According to him, 26 February the truckers took part in “operation Snail” cars, which was supported by Muscovites. Trucks of police from the Parking lot was not released. Last Saturday Volgograd truckers also participated in the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov.

According to Andronova, the objective of the strike was “working with people”. The activists also met with members of the Council under the RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) and became convinced that human rights activists support them. With the government and the President talks failed, said the participant. According to him, one of the results of the protests was the government’s decision to extend the concessionary rate of 1.53 in the ruble for heavy trucks.

At the same time, another participant of the action – Alexandr Aboimov – in interview to the correspondent of the “Caucasian knot” expressed the view that “a government resolution on the extension of benefits does not resolve the problem.” “We are for the complete abolition of “Plato”. And that half-measures in order not to aggravate the situation,” he said. “While we have not achieved anything. Our goal is complete repeal of “Plato,” said the party shares Alexander Run, which considers the extension of benefits an ineffective measure.

Remember, “Plato” was launched in Russia on November 15, 2015. Private funds should come to the road Fund for repair of trails damaged by trucks. However, the implementation of the system has caused mass protests of truckers, who demanded to cancel the collection of money. Protests swept across Russia.

Meanwhile, earlier the oppositionist Alexei Navalny said that “Plato” works in the interests of her son “friend of Putin” Arkady Rotenberg Igor, who became a co-owner of the operator of the tolling system “RT-invest the transport system” (RTAS) belonging to the state Corporation “rostec” and “RT-invest”.

Volgograd and Ryazan truckers ended the protest against the “Plato” 02.03.2016

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