Cause large-scale fires in the Volgograd region could be arson. On this, as stated on the website of the administration, said the Governor of the region Andrey Bocharov at the meeting of the operational headquarters, held on the night of Thursday, August 24, in the regional Central Board MOE.

The head of the region said that, as a rule, everywhere the cause of fires was the human factor. According to him, “there is an assumption and a deliberate arson”. Bocharov stressed that the difficult situation is observed on the territory of the whole Volgograd region – causes of the different fires, operational services and investigative bodies will have to install them.

“Yes, there is overlap of the wires, we assume that for this reason there was a fire in the Mikhailovsky district. But as Gorodishche, sredneahtubinsky area, there are assumptions about the possibility of deliberate arson. There are land issues, hiding certain flaws. Intentional or unintentional these actions is a separate story, I ask you to pay attention,” said Bocharov, quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

Previously, experts have said about the version of arson in the Volgograd region, informs “Volgograd truth”. So, the chief editor of the weekly “MK in Volgograd”, member of the expert Club of the Lower Volga region Evgeny Kalinin noticed that the burning of the “unstable social and political terms, municipalities”: Settlement Svetly Yar and St. Michael areas.

“It seems that someone deliberately destabilizie the situation in these areas”, – said Kalinin, adding that however, you cannot discount the weather factor in the region was installed dry and windy weather.

The assumption of intentional arson in early August, when the situation with fires in the region have not been so serious, has sounded and the head of EMERCOM in the region Oleg Grebenyuk. “As soon as fire departments go, literally twelve hours a day, and re-ignition occur in the same areas. This leads to some reflection,” he said.

The fire destroyed the building 151

As stated at the night meeting, the Governor Andrei Bocharov, the most difficult situation currently in the city district Mikhaylovka, although the fire there has already been eliminated. He also highlighted kamyshinskiy district, where the fire has occurred in the industrial area, and Volgograd, which broke out suburban tracts.

The region fire Wednesday destroyed 151 structure, some of them of an abandoned building, reports TASS with reference to head of EMERCOM in the Volgograd region General Oleg Grebenyuk. Because of the wind gusts that reached 25 metres per second, occurred landscape of fire throughout almost the entire region.

In Olkhovsky district fire destroyed 54 buildings. In Ilovlinskiy district, two houses were burnt down in Sredneakhtubinskiy – about 30 buildings, according to “Notepad Volgograd”.

“After don flew balls of fire”

In the 21st municipal district of the 38 fire threatened 40 human settlements, home to 12 thousand people to evacuate has trained about five thousand people, said Andrei Bocharov at the meeting on Thursday night. 752 evacuated resident. “To understand the scale – across the don flew fireballs. The fire approached the objects of special danger. But the roads are cut, people are saved,” – said the Governor, quoted by TASS.

According to the MOE, just the elimination of fires attended by over five thousand people and more than two thousand units of equipment, informs RIA “news”. As noted, grouping by extinguishing fires comprises units of the Federal fire service in the Volgograd region, public fire protection, Regardie, the interior Ministry, Russian Railways, voluntary fire formations, representatives of the Cossacks and volunteers.

In the MOE added that, in addition to the Volgograd oblast arriving fire-rescue teams from Rostov-on-don, Chechnya, Astrakhan, Kalmykia, Stavropol, North Ossetia, Krasnodar Krai.

Wednesday in connection with wildfires in Volgograd region was introduced a state of emergency. The night before, the head of the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations Oleg Grebenyuk said that the situation stabiliziruemost.

The MOE is ready to strengthen the group on putting out fires. “Forces and means enough,” said Bocharov

The first Deputy head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Stepanov at the meeting of the working group of governmental Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations in connection with fires in the Volgograd region called on to strengthen explanatory work with the population about the inadmissibility of violations of fire safety, reports TASS. He noted that the emergencies Ministry is ready at any time further strengthen the group on putting out fires.

However, the Governor Andrei Bocharov said that “the forces and means in the Volgograd region is sufficient.” “Today, in a squally wind, but thanks to the cohesive work and the support of the southern emergency center, we managed to contain a severe situation,” he said at the night meeting.

On the website of the regional administration noted that the regions with the most difficult situation was sent to the Deputy Governor of the Volgograd region to coordinate and control the interaction of all bodies and representatives of municipalities.

Volgograd Governor accused arsonists in the raging regional fires 25.08.2017

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