Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared an unprecedented rapprochement between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the elected President of the United States Donald trump. Obama to escalate the tension, and these issues Trump will have to decide, said Volodin in an interview with NTV. He also spoke about the benefits of Russian elections compared to “dirty” American.

“A lot of these points of intersection, and a lot of similar stances from Putin and trump. Will trump follow the statements which he made (during election campaigns), will show time, – said Volodin. – Of course, on key issues such rapprochement between the presidents of Russia and the USA never did.

All the time, Putin insists on convergence, but a lot depends on trump, said the speaker of the state Duma: “Our President talks about terrorism, our President talks about defending the interests of our country, while taking into account the interests of other countries. Our President talked about the convergence of positions and constantly talks about it… Our President is constantly talking and realized in life, but President Obama either ignored or often, we see just pumped voltage, and, consequently, this all led to strained relations… Very much depends on the US to remove this tension. This is likely one of the priorities of the future President, because these problems will have to decide Trump.”

“If trump will begin to put into practice what I said, of course, radically change the situation. We’ve seen candidates trump, but let’s see what he will be President”, – said the speaker of the Russian Duma.

About the dirty elections in the United States

The speaker of the Duma, which after the elections, United Russia got a constitutional majority, despite the ratings drop, told NTV about the peculiarities of elections in the United States that are illegal in Russia.

“There’s a huge number “dosrochnikov”, more than 40 million people. If we have so many voted early, never election would not be clean, legitimate, and in principle, they would not be recognized. They are possible… President Obama was actively involved in the election campaign, campaigning, voted early, he said, which party voted. We have it much more correct,” said Volodin.

He also called the electoral College in USA filter, which is designed “to prevent those whom the ruling class is afraid and does not consider possible to allow to the power”.

Campaign in the United States Volodin called an “unprecedented dirty”, but suggested that it was she who ensured the victory Trump: “People are just outraged and supported his candidacy. But the fact that it used all methods and have made various statements, and the methods themselves, they were dirty, which we have already weaned, because they have been used since the mid-90s… we Need to talk about political culture, but in this case this culture is just not there”.

Volodin said about the unprecedented rapprochement between Putin and trump 13.11.2016

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