The newly minted speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that the lower chamber would discuss the introduction of the financial accountability of the Parliament for absenteeism. According to him, we will focus on the possible amendments to the Federal law, to make deductions from the salaries of absentees.

As reported Volodin TASS after the Duma Council, “no one caused no objections” that the responsibility of deputies for truancy need to be reflected in legislation. “I would not talk about sanctions because sanctions are still more,” continued the speaker of the lower house. Volodin explained that it is “about the responsibility and interrelation of remuneration and attend meetings of the plenary”.

According to the speaker of the state Duma, at present the question of the introduction of financial responsibility of deputies for truancy is considered, “there are proposals from the factions.” Volodin also outlined the essence of the proposed initiatives: “When a member attends a plenary session is the performance of his parliamentary duties, and if it is not, accordingly, in this case to make deductions from remuneration”.

The speaker noted that “these proposals need to be elaborated further, because we are talking about labour legislation, and to prescribe the very the norm because it simply was not presented in the legislation”. According to him, the subject of responsibility of deputies for truancy, most likely, will be discussed in the coming days, and “that’s taking into account the readiness (proposals) will be submitted for consideration of Parliament.”

Volodin has noticed that for deductions from the salaries of the truant necessary changes in the Federal law. “And as for the issues related to the withdrawal of remuneration in respect of non-attendance of plenary sessions, this topic Federal law. As you know, it requires more time,” said the speaker.

In addition, Volodin did not rule out that by the end of the week the state Duma will consider the proposed “United Russia” amendments to the regulations on the abolition of voting by proxy. On the eve of the Duma Committee on rules has approved the corresponding project of the decision of United Russia. Amendments may be approved by the state Duma on October 21, although the ruling party still may make some additions, write “Vedomosti”.

Meanwhile in the state Duma have appeared first skeptical comments about a proposal to fine United Russia deputies-truants, reports “Interfax”. The head of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said that “while this question was not discussed” and suggested that “it will not be discussed”. “My point is that it is absolutely excessive and not necessary”, – said the leader of the socialist party. In his opinion, will be sufficient to introduce into the regulations a provision on the prohibition to vote for other members by proxy.

One of the author of the amendments, prohibiting one Deputy to vote for another MP in connection with absence on session of the state Duma for good reasons, became the Vice-speaker of the lower house, the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov.

United Russia also proposed last week to impose a fine and to exclude from the Duma deputies for absenteeism. “Six plenary meetings per month conducted by our colleagues. If you do not come, one-sixth part (of the salary) it is necessary to take. Did not come again, another one-sixth. Don’t come during the month – you can submit a question on deprivation of powers as a Deputy,” he described Neverov scheme of fines.

Volodin said the Duma will discuss the possible retribution of deputies for absenteeism 18.10.2016

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