Velikoustyugskiy in the district of the Vologda region is judged 63-year-old woman, tucoulou a roommate with an ax on the head, and half hiding the corpse. Village murder managed to be opened thanks to the vigilance of neighbors and a large number of flies.

“18 June 2015 in the village Podesene was found the body of 61-year-old man at the opening of the apartment at the request of neighbors concerned about his long absence and a large number of insects accumulated on the Windows of the apartment closed. During carrying out investigative and operative-search measures were able to establish the identity of the woman suspected of committing a crime. She was 63-the summer cohabitant of the victim, which in fact was limited to the social circle of men”, – informs the press service of the TFR in the region.

As noted in the Department, the pensioner tried to confuse investigators and told several versions of what happened, trying to prove his innocence. However, under the weight of the evidence, she confessed to the crime.

As it turned out, in January of 2015 civilian spouses drank, and then fell out. The woman took the axe and once knocked a roommate staggered. The man died from a closed craniocerebral injury and fractures of the cranial vault. After that the pensioner has left the house, closing the front door on the outside padlock. Now the suspect is arrested, it will be tried for negligent homicide.

Vologda pensioner-museumize exposed because of the flies 13.10.2015

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