Novosibirsk volunteers caught the First channel in a lie of the developing story about the pensioner Joseph Walther and his dog Gaucher. The inaccuracy of journalists who wanted to add emotion to the plot, seriously impacting on the life of street musician.

When the First channel showed a report about a 74-year-old Joseph Alexandrovich, who in the cold playing the accordion, collecting money for treatment of the dog goshi, many of the city’s residents want to help a fellow countryman. However, it soon became clear that reporters somewhat exaggerated, describing the plight of street musician, and that his fate involved the volunteers, and completely forgot to mention.

In the plot of the TV channel it was said that Joseph Aleksandrovich in any weather plays for passers-by to raise money for the treatment of dog Gosha, who was diagnosed with pulmonary edema and heart disease. “To live with such diseases dogs can several years if treated. Without medication and months won’t last. Here are just a monthly course of which costs six thousand. Spouse to Walter money is huge – half of their pension. The vets offered to put the gosh”, – was stated in the report.

The journalists also added that older couples are forced to save for the sake of saving a pet who lives with them for 12 years and has become a full member of the family. The plot shown in the program “Good morning”, it was alleged that Joseph Alexandrovich never played on the streets, but decided on it only for four-legged friend.

The story of Joseph Alexandrovich and Gosha dispersed in social networks, the participants of the Novosibirsk communities, such as “Novosibirsk service of evacuation”, we decided to announce a fundraiser for the salvation goshi and wanted to talk with the pensioner personally.

Volunteer Kateryna Sosnova was forced to intervene and try to stop the invasion of benefactors, pointing out that Joseph Walter is very shy and emotional communication with unknown people for every elderly person, a tremendous stress.

“It tortured people that allow themselves to scream at the appearance of his grandfather on the horizon: “Oh, our star is”

As it turned out, Joseph Alexandrovich and Gosha are wards of the group “Help save the rest of the old men of Novosibirsk”. “Let’s start with the fact that grandpa didn’t want to play. He was tired, he was tortured with rude, ignorant people that allow themselves to shout at the appearance of his grandfather on the horizon: “Oh, our star is” – or at the sight of his grandfather, without his consent, to start it off on the phone. Grandfather embarrassed by all this, he is uncomfortable, he starts to close,” said Kateryna Sosnova.

Pensioner persuaded to shoot only one of those reasons, many will see him and want to help him. Now, says the volunteer, the old man wants to call “half of Russia”, but many responded to the story people do not understand the refusal of volunteers to give the phone number of Joseph Alexandrovich without prior approval from him.

Sosnova assured that the spouses Walter not save, because the volunteers help them buy food and medicine for themselves and for goshi. In addition, Catherine insists that grandpa plays on the street for many years and the allegations that he goes out into the cold for the sake of dogs, is wrong.

Participants volunteer in the community regret that the story is fairly typical, as the media are trying to add “yellowness, screaming, attention” and are not interested in supporting the volunteer movement.

As for the characters of the story, many of the city’s residents with the best of intentions trying to get the address of the pensioner. The stream of “pilgrims” to the house of Joseph Alexandrovich, to the great discomfort for him, not giving. The fundraising for the treatment goshi, as before, lead the volunteers in the group “Help save the rest of the old men of Novosibirsk”.

Participants of the Russian charity community, noting a large number of responsive citizens, regularly raise the question about necessity of formation of the country’s culture of charitable activity. So, a situation where the wards of charitable organizations donate things unsuitable for them, is fairly typical. Problems and cause certain manifestations of adelicate people wanting to help people in need, but who have no idea about the specifics of the situation.

Volunteers caught in a lie of the First channel after the report on the Novosibirsk grandfather and his dying dog 24.11.2015

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