On cosmonautics Day, 12 April, participants organized by the Federal space Agency campaign “Raise your head!” launched into the sky balloons with portraits of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the words “Go!” and “Raise your head!”. The action took place in the cities associated with the biography of Gagarin, and also at the cosmodrome East.

“We are all in such a hurry… self-absorbed… always full of worries… when we solve one problem – there are others… we Have no time to raise his head and look up! Why? Because it seems that there is nothing interesting upstairs. Maybe worth a try? Put your head up! There are a lot of things that we have not pay attention… you See, the sun’s rays breaking through the leaves? See the stars Shine in the night sky, satellites, the ISS? Space is limitless,” reads the promotional page on the website of Roscosmos.

As explained in Department, this concept demonstrates a creative interpretation of the ambiguous phrase “Raise your head!”. “This call can be perceived and directly, and figuratively – “believe in yourself”, “start from the beginning”, “move forward”, “find new strength”, “don’t be afraid of change,” – noted in the Russian Federal space Agency. The concept also demonstrates the area of interest of the Russian space in the near future (low earth orbit) and expresses the desire to revive the space industry of Russia, about the ongoing reforms and the new vision of the goals of space activities”.

Zyuganov has offered to make April 12 a day
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In the video, which Roscosmos has submitted to the open space Year and the start of the campaign, a man in a space suit walked the streets of the city with a bunch of balloons and handed them out to passers-by.

In the Kazakh city of Baikonur on April 12 held a festive procession from Gagarin square to Lenin square. It gathered a few thousand people, and in honor of the 55th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin in the Central square of the city in the sky were launched thousands of balls. Also at the Gagarin’s start at Baikonur cosmodrome finished the rally Moscow – Baikonur with the participation of TV stars and winners of national contest.

In the city of Tsiolkovsky the residents gathered in the streets in honor of cosmonautics Day, congratulated the legendary cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Alexei Leonov. According to TASS, arriving on Saturday, they laid flowers to the monument to Yuri Gagarin and remembered his friend who first conquered space. From the territory of the cosmodrome in the sky were launched about 500 balloons. After the action “Raise your head!” participants of the event laid flowers to the monument to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. To the East of the planned opening of exhibitions, concerts, a fashion show of clothing with the presentation of the logo of the spaceport.

Similar events were held in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lipetsk, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Ufa and other cities.

We will remind, in the autumn it was assumedthat the current in the spring of Vostochny, the construction of which was accompanied by many scandals, will not launch balloons and rockets. About this, at least, said the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who examined launch complexes during his visit in October. However, the head of state stressed that to rush at the expense of quality is not necessary.

However, on 4 April, Roscosmos announced that the first launch from the new Russian cosmodrome will be held on April 27 at 05:01 Moscow time. Launch vehicle “Soyuz-2.1 a” should be put into orbit satellites “AIST-2D”, “Mikhaylo Lomonosov”, as well as nanosatellite SamSat-218.

Vostochny and streets of megacities launched balloons with a picture of Gagarin 12.04.2016

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