More than half of Russians (55%) believe that global warming could have a negative impact on the country, a quarter of its expected beneficial effects, but nearly 40% believe the problem of global warming far-fetched, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

Global warming has entered the top 3 in the national rankings of causes of the abnormal weather this summer, say the sociologists. With this favorable impact assuming 27%, which is 9% higher than in 2007.

Every second Respondent (51%) believes global warming is a serious problem requiring immediate solutions. At the same time, more than a third (39%) shared the view that it was “far-fetched, overblown problem where you speculate those who want to capitalize on the natural fear of humanity to natural disasters.”

According to the head of practice of political analysis and consulting VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov, although the Russians and concerned with the topic of global warming, they almost did not fix it at the level of everyday life. “Thus, the problem is perceived at the level of background fear, not real threats,” – said the expert.

Note, a few days ago, polls reported that on a rainy and cold summer complains more than half of Russians, and 63% of respondents, marking the abnormal weather phenomena, felt the effect of them.

VTSIOM: more than half of Russians is afraid that global warming will have a negative impact on the country 24.07.2017

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