The Russians do not believe in the possibility of a fundamental weakening of the Russian national currency, allowing only a “slight fall” of the ruble to the dollar. This conclusion follows from the September survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM) “the dollar: decline or rise?”.

The survey was conducted on September 24-25 among 1,600 people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of the country in nine Federal districts.

Forecasts of Russians regarding the us dollar remained fairly stable for several months. Respondents who are watching the dollar and gave its Outlook for the three months and the year ahead, it is expected that the ruble will slightly hand over positions.

“Currently, the consensus seems that the public consciousness allows for depreciation up to a maximum of 68 rubles per dollar. And expectations for one year and the next three months are almost identical. This suggests that society allows for a fairly sharp short-term fluctuations, but does not believe in the possibility of a fundamental weakening,” said in this regard, the expert polls Oleg chernozub.

The actual course, recall that in the last days is in the area of 64 rubles per dollar.

The survey results also show that fewer Russians say about their savings. More than a third (36%) of respondents in September said that they have no savings (in August the answer was given by 39% of respondents). 2% were undecided.

With more than half (58%) of Russians keep their savings in rubles (in August, the preference of the ruble as a means of savings were given 57% of Russians, in July – 60%).

The dollar and the Euro chose 5% and 3% of respondents (4% and 3% in August, respectively, 2% and 1% in July). In more exotic currencies their savings translates 1% of respondents.

In addition, sociologists have found that with a slight increase in the share of foreign currency savings of Russians, the level of interest rate of the dollar against the ruble remained virtually unchanged.

In September, with some regularly for news on the exchange rate, followed by 42% of Russians versus 45% in June and 43% in August. More than half (58%) of respondents not interested in such information.

VTSIOM: Russians do not believe in the possibility of a sharp weakening of the ruble 05.10.2016

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