Another pollconducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM) shows that, in the opinion of Russians, the country’s principal problems at the moment are concentrated mainly in the economic sphere.

A survey conducted on 24-25 September in 130 populated localities in 46 regions, territories and republics and nine Federal district of Russia, focused on what issues citizens consider most important in the country and how to evaluate the state of various spheres of economy and other sectors.

Topped the rating of the problems of low wages was noted by 15% of survey participants. Since the beginning of the year, the share of respondents pointing to this problem as the most important in the country, gradually grew, reaching in August the annual maximum.

The economic difficulties indicated 14% of respondents. In August and September, the number of respondents who identified the main problem for the country, reached the level of the minimum values, say sociologists. Inflation mentioned by 12%, unemployment at 12%.

In addition, the survey revealed a growing concern for health issues. This problem the second month in a row holds the third spot in the national rankings (a year ago it was noted by 7%, today 12%, and in August was recorded the annual maximum of 13%).

Further, the number of problem respondents education (10%), social policy (9%), low pensions (8%), corruption and bureaucracy (8%).
According to the head of VCIOM research projects Yulia Baskakova data of the September opinion poll a little different from last year.

The main changes relate to health care and unemployment, according to which the situation escalated. Unemployment is bad in rural areas but in recent months this problem becomes actual for inhabitants of large cities, regional centers.

Health care was the most pressing issue for seniors, who complain about the high cost of drugs and absence hospitals free of drugs.

“In General, we can capture the overall growth trend of mentions about the problems – on average, the Russians today call more problems than a year ago. Women care about education and health care, men – corruption and the economy. Material provided see in Russia has two problems: roads and difficulty finding work,” – says the expert.

VTSIOM: the main challenges countries citizens see in the economy 07.10.2016

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