World anti-doping Agency (WADA) intends to discuss the use of asthma drugs in sports. It is reported by Norwegian broadcaster NRK , citing the press-Secretary of the WADA Ben Nichols.

“Despite the fact that the practice is not a violation of anti-doping rules, it should be officially documented and confirmed by physicians, Nichols quoted by TASS. – WADA considers that this practice should be reviewed by the medical Committee and the ethics Committee of WADA”.

In August, several Norwegian skiers on condition of anonymity, told reporters that before last year the representative of the Norwegian ski Federation urged them to do inhalation anti-asthmatic drugs, although the athletes were healthy.

According to Nichols, WADA disapproves of these drugs without serious reason.

Means of asthma on the basis of the salbutamol is used by many famous Norwegian skiers, including six-time Olympic champion Marit bjoergen and Sundby Martin Johnsrud.

According to the fighters for the purity of the sport, the asthma medication does not affect the results of the athletes.

At the beginning of this year, the head of Federation of ski races of Russia Elena Vjalbe raised the issue about the dominance of the Norway national team athletes who legally receive medications, to facilitate breathing during the race.

Vyalbe said that the successes of the Norwegians, which is not the first occupy the pedestals in the men’s and women’s games at major international competitions, its annoying, because this team feature some asthmatics.

WADA will discuss the use in sport of drugs for asthma 27.09.2016

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