Primorsky Krai until the global impact of experiencing the onslaught of Typhoon “Goni” (Goni) that struck the region on August 26. As we approach the littoral “Goni” weak and was “demoted” to the cyclone, in several cities were flooded with water and mud, some streets and yards, downed trees, but large-scale state of emergency hasn’t happened yet. Someone even bad weather pleased. At the same time, Ussuriisk has imposed a state of emergency due to a sharp rise of water in rivers, and similar could happen in other areas of the region, while “Drive” is shifting towards China.

Heavy rainfall from 50 to 102 mm fell in Vladivostok and Ussuriisk, Khasan, October, Border, Olginsky, Lazovsky and Germany areas. The wind gusts reached 23-32 m/s, the maximum wind speed in Vladivostok was 27 m/s, according to Primidone.

First strike “Ride” occurred on August 26, the Find. There fell about 58 mm of rainfall, but on Thursday the only reminder of the bad weather left puddles of varying size and depth in every yard, transfer Agency PrimaMedia. According to the city administration, in some places there are deposits of sand on the roads, there have been some reports of leaking roofs. Another consequence of the bad weather was brought down in the area of the city cemetery reliance power – it was hit by a motorist, who lost control on the wet road.

In Vladivostok the weather was glad extremals

In the capital of Primorye fell 98 mm of rain – 61% of the monthly norm. “Give me” left the regional center, leaving behind hundreds of fallen trees, mud slides on the roads and huge puddles all over the city, reports PrimaMedia.

The biggest puddle had formed in the area of shopping center “Green island”. This did not fail to take advantage of the thrill. Night extreme suit riding on inflatable mattresses on the road, clinging to the car.

Morning motorists already “lined up” to overcome this water barrier.

And when puddles in the town began to dry up, the roads are surfaced dozens of car numbers that are put up along roadsides, and their photos in social networks, so that the owners could find them and pick up, reportsthe Agency.

According to the city administration, serious violations of the city’s life support systems and major energyware in Vladivostok for the last night is not fixed, and local damage to the power grid are eliminated. Public transport from early Thursday morning out on the trails, the movement of buses will be provided as usual, had notified the authorities.

According to the MOE, restrictions of movement on the territory of Primorsky region for all modes of transport, the supply on the territory of Primorsky Krai is not broken, the airport “Knevichi” in Vladivostok runs on a schedule and its closure is not planned, rail service is not interrupted, for security purposes, cancelled three ferry.

Flooded streets, yards and playgrounds were observed in almost all regions of the province, but emergency specialists were removed in online mode. “The Primorye citizens are urged to defer travel outside of settlements, vacation, hunting and fishing for the duration of the warning,” – said in the MOE.

In Ussuriysk introduced a state of emergency

In Ussuriysk on 27 August, 14:00 local time (06:00 in Moscow) has imposed a state of emergency, according to the city administration. According to her, during the passage of a “Gimme” on the evening of August 26 and day 27 August fell 73 mm of rain, began a sharp rise in the level of rivers, and two surrounding villages were cut off from road transport. In the Ussuriysk impounded 47 houses destroyed road bridge.

Motorists to get their vehicles out of the water prison.

Thus there is a sharp rise in the level of rivers Borisovka – 155 mm above normal, Komarovka – 103 mm above normal and Razdolnoe – 12 mm above normal.

From automotive message cut off rural communities Janowka with a population of 301 people and Mironovka inhabited by 626 people. From flooding of residential houses suffered 428 people in the city and 92 – in the villages, flooded about one kilometer of roads. Water flooded 860 hectares of farmland.

“Chase” goes to China

According to Pamidronate and MOE, in the next day the cyclone will shift towards the North-Eastern provinces of China. On Thursday and Friday in the South of Primorsky Krai will be held rain, sometimes heavy, in the Western parts may fall more than 50 mm of rainfall.

Meanwhile, in connection with the possible occurrence of a storm on the river Amur from the right “Drive” temporarily stopped passenger shipping between Khabarovsk and Chinese city Fuyuan, according to the portal

According to him, August 27 from Khabarovsk court will not type “Polesie” and Puyana – court type “Lontan”. In this regard, the Russian tourists in the DLT will remain there at least until Friday, and Chinese in Khabarovsk. After the passage of the cyclone over the Khabarovsk Krai passenger service between Khabarovsk and Yangtze service will be resumed.

“Goni” (translated from Korean means “Swan”. – Approx. became the fifteenth tropical storm that occurred in the Pacific ocean this year. Prior to joining Primorye “Goni” swept across the Philippines, where led to the deaths of at least 26 people. In Japan from the disaster suffered at least 109 people, canceled more than 300 domestic flights.

Before the advent of “Goni” in Primorye, the head of Pamidronate Boris Kubai announced about the threat of large-scale emergencies in the region. The situation is exacerbated by overcrowded reservoir: in the region already two weeks rains and flooded dozens of homes.

Weakened Typhoon “Goni” patted Primorye and delighted the extreme (VIDEO) 27.08.2015

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