The website of the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta in St. Petersburg” is blocked by the hoster. The block reason was a complaint by an anonymous user on one of the articles published on the website, according to Facebook chief editor Diana Kachalova.

When you try to login you receive a “page-stopper” with the text: “Beware of the censors! The website of the St. Petersburg newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” was blocked on 11 January 2016 at 18:30 on the complaint of an unidentified user. To close the access to the media, the largest hosting provider of web – German company – was not required in any verdict or decisions of the Supervisory authorities. Was quite “anonymous”.

According to Kachalova, the complaint concerned article about bribery in the centre of hygiene and public health, published on the website at the end of December. In early January we received a letter from a certain Ivan Ivanov, who demanded to remove the text, because it spread “false information” that allegedly discredited his honor and dignity.

However, the editors did not remove the article, since no Ivan Ivanov it does not appear, and at the disposal of edition there are all documents confirming the facts.

Then, according to Kachalova, anonymous sent complaints to the hoster, asking to block the site. “And although we explained to the host our position, on the evening of 11 January, the hoster has restricted the access to not even one publication, and has closed the entire site. Supposedly as long as we do not remove information anonymous grieved,” writes his.

Chief editor of the publication considers the incident as censorship. In the message text on the main page of the site says that at present lawyers of the newspaper prepare a response claim Comment by Hetzner has not yet been reported.

Website of “Novaya Gazeta in St. Petersburg” was blocked due to anonymous letters 12.01.2016

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