Experts continue to study the manners and mentality of Russian President Vladimir Putin, trying as individuals to come to common conclusions about the direction of policy of the Russian leader. In particular, the attention of specialists in the field of body language have long been attracted to the specific gait of the head of the Russian Federation.

The President of Russia can not guess, but he has something in common with the cowboys of the Wild West, writes the British newspaper The Times. Putin and other senior government officials in Moscow diagnosed “gait of an experienced hand”.

The experts noted, studying videos with the participation of the Russian leader, the President of the Russian Federation is much less valid with the right hand than the left. In particular, it remains almost motionless while walking. Experts believe that this feature appeared Putin during training, possession of weapons in preparation for service in the state security Committee.

Professor Bass bloom, a specialist in motor disorders of the Dutch Parkinson Centre in Nijmegen, has found the manual for the KGB instructions about how agents should move while performing the task. The document States: “When driving, it is absolutely necessary to keep the weapon close to his chest or in his right hand. To move forward with one side, usually the left, slightly turning in the direction of travel”.

Experts have studied the video with Putin and other Russian politicians, finding similarity in their gait. The right hand barely moves at Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and the chief of the joint staff organization of the collective security Treaty Anatoly Sidorov. “The idea that they are all sick with Parkinson’s and the Kremlin the outbreak of Parkinson’s adorable,” said bloom.

But the experts concluded that the manner of the high-ranking officials due to their past. Serdyukov – the reserve officer, Sidorov – the General-the Colonel Ivanov, like Putin, served in the KGB.

As for Medvedev, journalists in 2007 he noticed that he adopts the manner of his “boss”. The current Prime Minister has copied the hard style of Putin’s speeches, his voice and even gait.

Scientists have named the manner of movement of Putin and his associates “gait arrow from the Wild West” and suggested that it is formed when the cadets are trained to “walk, holding his right hand close to the chest, when meeting with the enemy quickly to get weapons.”

The British edition, the translation of the article publishes InoPressa, notes that the theory about the epidemic of Parkinson’s disease in the Kremlin seems untenable because Putin manages to maintain the image of “macho” for many years. The President then photographed with a naked torso and a fishing rod, fights Caucasians on the Mat, then travels with the bikers without a helmet.

Earlier it was reported that the Pentagon runs a special research team that is studying the facial expressions and gestures of the politicians, trying to predict their moves. The project cooperated with Brenda Connors, who “works out” Vladimir Putin, in particular, studied the uneven gait of the Russian leader. According to her, the struggle with a physical disability helped Putin to develop a strong will to live and desire to strengthen your body. “He’s like a skater with a clubfoot, who became the Olympic athlete level, said Connors in 2005. – Watching him in the recording is impressive. It is a deep, long-standing loss, which he has learned to cope”. What kind of physical disadvantage was saying Connors was not specified.

It is worth mentioning that in 2012 in a press there were rumors about back pain from Putin and the resulting lameness. In the Kremlin then announced that the President received a sports injury. Under what circumstances injured the head of state, the Kremlin press service did not specify.

Western media dubbed the movement style of Putin’s “gait experienced hands” 15.12.2015

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