A group of Russian writers and journalists opposed the imposition of ideology in Russia. This is stated in the statementpublished in Facebook writer Lev Timofeyev. Signatures on a petition delivered in addition Timofeeva writer
Lyudmila Ulitskaya, winner of the Nobel prize Svetlana Aleksievich, writer and Director Alexei Simonov, publisher Irina Prokhorova, the writers Vladimir Voinovich, Lev Rubinstein, Anatoly Kurchatkin, Victor Esipov, journalist Alexander Podrabinek.

The statement focuses on “the most important topic of our day”, said Timofeev. “To remain silent means to admit defeat, to surrender. Still say we are a force,” he writes, offering to associate itself with the statement to any interested person.

The authors urge to “stop the coup”. The statement said that the signatories of them writers and journalists expressed their concern and anxiety “due to the fact that the country openly and even defiantly announced their intention to change the existing social and political system or, in other words, the coup d’etat”.

The reason for the publication of the statement was recently prepared by the Senator from Crimea Olga Cowicide , the bill on the establishment Day the loyalty oath, which must ensure the unity of all peoples of Russia with a new unified ideology. The idea of a formal Declaration of a state ideology was criticized as contrary to the 13th article of the Constitution, according to which no ideology can be a state or obligatory. Meanwhile, the idea of Cowicide was supported by the leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, who said that the first step to the creation of the state ideology becomes law of the Russian nation.

“It would be naive to doubt: if Russia will set a single state ideology (national-Patriotic or any other), any other view would be considered anti-state with all the repressive consequences,” the statement reads writers who say that remember article 6 of the USSR Constitution, actually claiming “the only true doctrine” as gosideologii, and do not forget about the brutal repression against those who disagree with her.

According to the authors of the appeal, to amend article 13 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation – it means to make revolution and to “make another one, maybe the last, fatal step in the transformation of modern Russia into a totalitarian state”. Writers and journalists are encouraged to “be treated with the utmost seriousness to the danger of totalitarianism, enshrined in law”.

“You have to understand: quasizone methods of amending the Constitution did not change the main point – is preparing a coup, a sharp turn of historical fate of Russia”, – said in a statement. If the “silent society, then so be it, the process has begun, everything is ready,” warn the authors of the document. “We must not tarry! Can not be silent!” – sure they are.

As noted in an interview with radio station “Moscow Says” one of the signatories to the statement, journalist Alexander Podrabinek, the absence of ideology, pluralism as a core value in its current state. “If this value is lost, it will mean that the government will, in fact, new,” he said. According to the journalist, the introduction of a single ideology narrows the opportunities for political, economic and cultural development of the country.

The authors note that they understand their responsibility for the future of the country and therefore expressed “strong protest against the intention to change the existing state and social system of Russia and to impose from above a “total ideology”. They called on the media, independent NGOs, public and political forces of the country to do everything possible “to prevent the impending coup d’etat”.

“While we speak, we are the power”: Russian writers opposed the imposition of the state ideology 18.11.2016

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