Senior investigator for particularly important cases, the General’s Main investigative Department of the Investigative Committee (IC TFR) Alex Serdyukov, who discovered the resonant attack in 2010 on journalist Oleg Kashin, who was removed from the investigation of cases involving alleged organizer of the crime.

The kidnapping case of the General Director of management company “PromInvest” Alexander Gorbunov and a case of illegal possession of weapons, which the accused himself Gorbunov, now leads the investigator for particularly important cases of Lieutenant Colonel GUS TFR Vadim Sotskov. About it RBC have informed a source familiar with the case, and was confirmed by the lawyer of one of accused in the kidnapping Gorbunova Danila Veselov – Gennady Lee.

The kidnapping case Gorbunova was initiated in April 2014 after he filed an application in the UK, which reported that unknown persons have injected him with made recorded, to admit the organization of the attack on Oleg Kashin. According to Gorbunova, the employer allegedly called the name of the Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak.

Accused of kidnapping Gorbunova on interrogation gave investigators a weapons storage site near his home Gorbunova. In June 2015 Gorbunov was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

However, during the investigation subordinates Gorbunov – a former security chief of the enterprise Danila Veselov and his colleague Michael Catskin – reported that they and their colleague Vyacheslav Borisov, on the order Gorbunova attacked Oleg Kashin in 2010. The occasion was swordplay Kashin with Turchak in the “Live journal”. Then the journalist, discussing the Governor of the Pskov with commenters on my blog, used the adjective “Tu*tion”. Turchak required within 24 hours to apologize. An apology is not forthcoming.

A month on Kashin was attacked. The journalist was severely beaten in Moscow on the night of November 6, 2010 – criminals struck him more than 50 times, presumably with a piece of pipe or fittings. In the attack a journalist with broken jaws, legs, hands, brain injury was taken to hospital and was in serious condition.

After discovered facts Serdyukov conducted the case Kashina, but in July, according to sources, the case was transferred to the investigator Sotskova. Serdyukov also continued to conduct both cases Gorbunova.

Veselov and Kautsky become accused of attempted murder Kashin at the end of may. The decision about attraction as the accused signed the investigator Serdyukov. Gorbunov in the case of Kashin still was a witness. On Thursday it became known that now all things Gorbunova lead investigator Sockov. According to the lawyer Gennady Lee, Serdyukov was dismissed, as he led all things “objectively, quickly and reliably” – it could be “someone is unprofitable”.

Who discovered the attack on Kashin investigator was suspended alleged customer, media says 11.09.2015

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