The founder of the public organization “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky will name an alternative candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation in place of the current head of state Vladimir Putin. The former head of YUKOS oil company will tell journalists who are able to take the post of head of the country at the meeting on 12 September.

Khodorkovsky in the course of conversation with representatives of the press will answer the question “Who, if not Putin?”, it is reported on the website of the head of the “Open Russia”. “The Kremlin spin doctors for many years instill in citizens the idea of the inevitability of Putin. And for some reason, few people think it strange that among more than 145 million Russians there is no one who is able to hold the office of President of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the message.

Monday, September 12, Khodorkovsky will make a statement on the presidential elections of 2018 and their plans for the next two years. Meeting with journalists will be held at 10:30 Moscow time.

In the event announcement also noted that “our country should lead the people fundamentally new formation.” “Russia does not need “king, leader and father”, a competent and professional Manager. The person who will faithfully execute temporarily entrusted to him the duty of protection of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens, to ensure their welfare and safety and to report to the people on the done work”, – said on the website of Khodorkovsky.

German documentary filmmaker Cyril Carcasses (in 2011 he released his film “Khodorkovsky”, and on 13 September the German TV will show its second film, “New freedom Khodorkovsky”) in an interview with Der Spiegel painted a portrait of the former head of Yukos, who believes that his finest hour has not yet come. In his view, the priority objective of Khodorkovsky’s return to Russia. “So he is preparing for what will come after Putin. However, he is arming and in case if Russia will be something similar to the Turkish scenario is a coup or something similar,” – said in the article, perevodnoy InoPressa.

Khodorkovsky “is preparing in cooperation with experts of a new Constitution for Russia, revived to life your old Fund “Open Russia”, “support of some opposition candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and founded the online University,” said Mascara. “He wants to push the Russians to act independently”, – said the Director. According to Mascara, to achieve their goals Khodorkovsky wants to launch in Russia the democratic process and restore the system of separation of powers. “And it looks convincing,” says the Director.

At the same time, the documentary said that Khodorkovsky remains a realist and understands that to become the President of the Russian Federation he was not fated: the candidate with the last tycoon, and even with Jewish roots are not allowed in Russia to win the slightest chance. Khodorkovsky believes himself to those who can lead the country out of the impasse, when it finally sinks into recession. “He thinks not about what will be the situation tomorrow or in a year. Khodorkovsky thinks ten-year cycles,” said Carcasses in an interview with the German edition.

At the same time, the Director believes that “Khodorkovsky is making every effort to accelerate the overthrow of Putin”, “but not as much as I think Putin and his closest ally Igor Sechin”. “They are afraid that the ex-oligarch can hire hitmen to kill them,” explained the Carcass. Khodorkovsky also aims to increase international pressure on Putin is looking for allies for this. “So, he went to the rapprochement with the critic of the Kremlin financier William Browder – despite the fact that Browder informed rather unflattering spoke about it” – gave an example of the source Der Spiegel.

At the same Carcass doubts that Khodorkovsky would support a coup in Russia. “He tries to keep contact with a certain part of the Kremlin elite. And distanciruemsa from the demands of the opposition after the overthrow of the government to send all the Kremlin functionaries to jail,” said the Director.

Meanwhile, the TV channel “NTV” reported on the airing of the September 8 release of the program “emergency. Investigation” called “18 friends of Khodorkovsky.” According to the announcement, the transfer will reportedly tell “the naked truth about the hidden income of the “Open Russia”.

“Who if not Putin?”: Khodorkovsky will announce whom to vote for in the elections of 2018 08.09.2016

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