The website WikiLeaks has published excerpts of private performances of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton during meetings with representatives of major U.S. banks, reports the BBC. Clinton in the campaign trail refused to grant media presentations, the fees for which have reached millions of dollars.

In one of the passages, Clinton allegedly told the bankers that they are in the best position to help to reform the U.S. financial sector.

Furthermore, Clinton expressed support for the principle of free trade and open borders. Opponent, Clinton is the candidate of the Republican party, Donald trump said earlier that he plans to review the key commercial treaties unfavorable to the United States. In his opinion, the openness of the economy leads to the fact that jobs are being created abroad and not in the States.

The party Clinton Bernie Sanders, previously fought with her for the nomination candidates for the presidency, has repeatedly urged her to publish these speeches. It is believed that a speech before the bankers brought into the campaign Fund, Clinton is approximately $ 26 million.

Clinton refused to publish recordings of their performances from 2013 and 2014.

The American Agency AP confirms that the employees of the headquarters was sent to Clinton for approval passages from her future speeches which may pose a potential problem if will be made public.

In early October, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised before the end of this year to provide “significant information” regarding the US elections. So far, the leaks relate to the various aspects of the work of the electoral headquarters of the Democrats.

The head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta accused Russian hackers hacking into his email – letter was published on Wikileaks. The authenticity of the correspondence has not been confirmed.

On the eve of the U.S. authorities accused Russia of launching cyber attacks. “We are confident, given the scale and complexity of these attacks that authorize these actions could only the highest Russian state officials,” – said in a statement, the Ministry of homeland security and the office of the national intelligence of the country. The purpose of the cyber attacks in government agencies called the attempt to affect the electoral process.

The Russian foreign Ministry stated about the lack of U.S. evidence of the involvement of Russia and recommended to pay attention to the interference of European politicians in the electoral process.

Presidential elections in USA will be held on 8 November.

WikiLeaks has published closed his speech, Clinton, during which she received from bigwigs of wall street $ 26 million 08.10.2016

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