In Pakistan on an eight-year-old boy, Christian, who is not named, took charge of blasphemy. The child and his mother accused of burning pages of the Koran in the Pakistani city of Quetta last week, October 20.

According to the charitable organization CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement), help the persecuted Christians of Pakistan, the arrest of a boy and his mother provoked protest from both Christian and Muslim politicians. The day after the start of the campaign for the liberation of the woman and her son arrested released. They dropped the charges, presenting them to persons unknown.

CLAAS Director Nasir Saeed said that it is not the first case when the Pakistan child accused of blasphemy. A well-known story of 14-year-old girl’s Christian Rimsha masih, which in 2012 was arrested after the statement of the Imam of a mosque of Khalid Chishti that she burned some pages from the Koran. Later the spiritual leader arrested on charges of perjury, as several witnesses told how the priest himself slipped the child a few sheets in the paper stack, which was intended to build a fire. As a result the girl released on bail and later acquitted on all charges.

According to the head of the human rights organization, perhaps eight years old boy, who was accused of blasphemy along with her mother, even never heard this word. “Unfortunately, this is the worst example of hatred and intolerance towards Christians and their treatment in Pakistan,” said Saeed.

According to him, the government of Pakistan should study such cases and take appropriate action to make the changes necessary to end the abuse of the blasphemy law. “The international community has continually expressed its concern and calls for amendments”, – said the head of CLAAS.

Christians make up only 4% of the population of Pakistan. They are often persecuted by local Sunni Muslims who believe heretics not only Christians, but fellow Muslims who profess other versions of Islam.

With eight-year-old Christian in Pakistan has dropped the charges of blasphemy 26.10.2016

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